Altergaze – Virtual Headset Review

Altergaze: 3D Printed VR Goggles for Smartphones

Customisable, 3D printed, smartphone based Virtual Reality Goggles distributed through crowd manufacturing.


These goggles are 3D printed and can be customized for any iPhone.
This goes even further, you will have access to dedicated customization software to Design your own Altergaze.

Funded in May 2014 on Kickstarter, 3D printer owners can apply to become seller/creators of this device making it possible to buy almost everywhere.
There are already more than 100 3D printer owners that applied to the Altergaze Partnership for becoming official Altergaze manufacturer/distributor.




  • Field of view: 110 degrees (with the handheld rubber eyepiece) / 90 degrees (with the headgear rubber eyepiece)
  • Head tracking: 6 DoF / 9 DoF IMU
  • Display: resolution 1136 x 640 (1920 x 1080 on Samsung S4), contrast 800:1, brightness: 500 cd /m2
  • Weight: ~0.22 kilograms (without the phone)
  • Dimensions: 15.8cm x 8.2cm x 7.2cm (without the rubber eyepiece)



A second iPhone as controller

Altergaze also developed a Altergaze Controller App so you can control your Virtual Reality Applications.

Country of origin: England

Estimated Price: 60€/65€



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