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Bought a brand new Zeiss VR One or just assembled your Google Cardboard, but can't find any good Games in the Apple AppStore?

Sadly the AppStore doesn't have the 150 games the Googly Play store has for Android devices...
I'm sure with the VR One's game development contest and lot's of VR hardware coming out soon, lot's of new games will come to the AppStore at the beginning of 2015!

Nevertheless, here's a list of free and paid games that are worthwhile to download in the AppStore.

Paid Games:

FastHit VR - 0,89€ / 0,99$

Fastpaced Shooter with 45 levels, 17 sceneries and the first VR iOS game to integration the Game Center for some serious competition. The online Highscore list already contains more than 100 Highscores. It won't be easy to beat the 13.250 points to make you number 1 in the Game Center!

No Gamepad needed.

fasthitvr02 fasthitvr03

Virtual Kaiju 3D - 0,89€ / 0,99$

This game has a funny approach to game control. No GamePad required. You are a Godzilla kind of monster in a city, your objective is to destroy!
Just look to where ever you want to go and destroy those building and shout to shoot at choppers.

kaijy01 kaiju02

CardBoard Shooter - 0,89€ / 0,99$

Nice Game. Simple but fun Gameplay. No GamePad required.
Warning: the game has a screen rotation bug. I recommend people using iOS8 not to buy this game until the bug has been fixed!

cbshooter02 cbshooter01

VR Basket Ball - 0,89€ / 0,99€

The First sports VR game on iOS. Good idea! No GamePad required.
Warning: the game has a screen rotation bug. I recommend people using iOS8 not to buy this game until the bug has been fixed!

basket01 basket02

GyroTroller - 1,79€ / 1,99$

Nice Game. You are on a space craft and have to pass through rings and shoot.
Downside is you have to own a Gamepad for iOS. Not many of us do 🙁 And it's too expensive for what you get!
GamePad required!

Gyro01 Gyro02

Free Games:

Zombie Shooter VR - free

This game is fun and kinda scarry. You have a gun and you shoot zombie's!
Graphics are pretty impressive and the immersion is good.

This game show's what the future of iOS VR gaming is going to look like!

Controlling the game is simple: you don't have to walk as the game does it for you. Just look around and find those Zombie's as fast as you can. Just looking at them will activate the gun your holding to shoot them. Aim at the head!

No GamePad required.

zombie02 zombie01

Froggy VR - free

Nice game for Kids. Funny animation and good controls. Eat flies, jump leaf to leaf and go through the levels.

No GamePad required.


Space Slider VR - free

The idea is fun. You have to turn your head sideways to go left or right as you slide through space trying to catch glowing space balls.

The sceneries are boring. But the gameplay is okay.

No GamePad is required.

slider02 slider01

The Height - free

The creator of the Durovis Dive also made this game. The Graphics are very simple but the game is fun.
Find white cube's, shake your head to jump and go to the next level.
Look down to stop or start walking.

No GamePad required.

TheHeight02 theHeight01

Defend Santa's Grotto - free

Just out! The first X-mas VR game on the AppStore.
Unfortunatly it only works in VR-mode if you touch the screen, which isn't realy an option or if you use the magnetic Google Cardboard strip which doesn't work with iPhone !!! 🙁
This game need's an update to fix this.


My personal choice would be Zombie Shooter VR, FastHit VR, Froggy VR and Virtual Kaiju 3D.

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