Evomade Viewbox – Virtual Reality Headset Review

A foldable "Virtual Reality" headset for smartphones up to 90x170mm (3.5x6.7 inches) made out of neoprene.

This Neoprene VR-headset is on Kickstarter and was funded in about a week and already passed 200% of the funds needed with 14 days to go. It promises to be comfortable and foldable to make it easier to bring along on trips. It has an 90 degree angle field of view.


The Viewbox is compatible with 4 to 5.7 inch smartphones and the maximum outer dimensions of the smarthpone should be 170x90mm. This means the Viewbox should work with iPhone 5/5c/5s/6/6plus/6s/6s plus

Comparison to Google Cardboard

The guys from Evomade made a handy comparison sheet:

Viewbox have bigger lenses, (greater FOV)
Is foldable
More comfortable
Lasts longer
Is washable
Has a head strap
Does not touch the nose
Works with bigger phones
Is prettier (?)
Is usable more than 5-10 minutes (fatigue in arms and nose)
Designed to be used comfortable with eyeglasses underneath. No need to adjust lenses, you or a friend may try this out by looking through a magnifying glass with and without eyeglasses. So far only Viewbox has this feature that is solved with soft peripheral edges.
Google Cardboard is stamped out in machines in a very high rate. -lowers the costs. The neoprene will be laser cut, a slower process and more expensive.
Custom lenses is not cheap to start producing. 🙂
Cardboard is way cheaper than neoprene.

The Viewbox is now on Pre-order on their website and will be available in July 2015.

viewbox02 viewbox03

Country of origin: Sweden

Price: 37€ / 45$

Website: www.evomade.com

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