Fibrum VR Games and Showcases



Fibrum, a Russian Company, is very busy making VR-headsets and making Apps for iOS and Android to promote their devices.

So far they launched 4 Games/Showcases in the AppStore, all for free:

Roller Coaster VR

Another Roller Coaster, but a good one. The graphics are the best yes on the AppStore.
It's not a game, it's a Showcase. But it is a good one!



Zombie Shooter VR

Nice Graphics! Smooth play, clearly still in development and their is plenty of room for improvement.
For a free game it's worthwhile downloading!



Crazy Swing VR

Another showcase. Get on this crazy ride and feel your stomach as you turn around on a chair above a modern city.
Good Immersion!


Froggy VR

A funny game for kids. Like all others above, you don't need a gamepad for this game and controlling the game is very simple.




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