Fibrum – Virtual Reality Headset Review


And here is the Russian interpertation of a VR-headset for mobile phones

The Fibrum will come in 4 versions:

Fibrum Ultra

Fibrum Ultra

Fibrum Pro

Fibrum Pro

Fibrum Black

Fibrum Black

Fibrum Lite

Fibrum Lite

There is not much known about this Headsets. What I do know is that the Pro and Black versions will have bigger lenses and greater Field of View. The Ultra will have it's own screen. The Fibrum Lite will be a compact, light weighted and the cheapest one for about 45€.


At the moment it's unknown if the Fibrum will support iPhones, But it is probable.

Country of origin: Russia

Price Fibrum Lite: 45€

Price Fibrum Pro: 123€ / 135$ (available)


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