Jobe VR – Virtual Reality Headset Review

The product is  made from plastic, silicon and glass materials. ... Our aim for the product is to make it cool to wear, comfortable, light, affordable, durable, simple to use and made from high quality materials.

It seems like everyday there are a few more VR-headset for smartphones trying to get a piece of the pie. This gives us, the VR enthusiast, more choice and that's fine! Although I don't think all these headsets will continue to extist a few years from now.

Jobe VR

The design is very nice. You can see the designers made an effort here. It also looks really light weighted.
Apart from that, functionally it seems like the lens adjustment and the way you fit your iPhone in there are like the Durovis Dive.
They ask 89$ for this device, which seems a little expensive, compared to the Homido VR (69€) and the VRellia GO (70€). These 2 devices seem to have a less fragile body, better lens adjustment control and bigger lenses.
Keep in mind the pictures shown on the Jobe VR website are renderings (computer animations), so the final product could be different.

Jobe VR will start a Crowfunding campaign soon. I'll keep you updated!


4 to 6,5 inches smartphones will work with this device, so the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus will fit.


Price: 74€ / 89$


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