Pinć VR was successfully funded! (Update)

Pinc VR Headset

Pinc was successfully funded on Indiegogo.
You can still pre-order it for 99$!

This VR-headset is unique! well, it's design differs quite a lot, but that's not it. Pinc comes with 2 rings for your fingers. These ring will be tracked enabling hand movement. Wow, sounds cool!
They promise 180 horizontal degrees of hand tracking. Now imagine what we can do with that...

I don't think it will be the best VR-headset. Although it comes in 2 sizes: standard and XL, which is good, and it's looks like it's easy to carry with you, I think the immersion will not be as good as some other devices. Mainly because it doesn't seem to block all outside light. That's bad.

If you are looking to get a nice piece of innovation. Buy it! If you want a good immersive VR-headset this would not be my choice. But it sure is a fresh idea in many way´s.



The standard model will support iPhone 6 and the XL model will support iPhone 6 plus.

Pinć Crowdfunding Video from Cordon Media on Vimeo.

Country of origin: Canada

Price: starts at 99$


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