vrAse – Virtual Reality Headset Review

vrAse VR Headset

vrAse VR Headset Kickstarter project

Update: Beware! This Kickstarter project is possibly a scam. Please read the following article: http://kickscammed.com/topic/vrase-aka-varse/#.VrcjlUXtSnM

vrAse is the biggest revolution your Smartphone has ever seen; a very special case, which enables you to use it like never imagined before.


You can use vrAse with any smartphone via two options; using “perfect-fit” cases, for the six best seller Smartphones from last year, or if your phone is not in that list, you will be able to choose the universal adaptor, adaptable to any smartphone with screens from 3’5″ up to 6’3″. Please remember that vrAse is best experienced with smartphones that have screens ranging from 5″ up to 6″.


This means vrAse should work with all iPhones! But, at the moment of writing this, there is only a perfect fit adapter for the iPhone 5/5s.


vrAse is made of three distinctive interchangeable parts: a mobile adapter, a frame and a set of lenses.
I think this is a good concept because it will work (like the VR ONE) with multiple phones and most of them will have a perfect fit.
The lenses are interchangeable, tested by an ophthalmologist and have glare reduction.
The Design is pretty nice. It looks High-tech and professional. There are two colors available: black and white.

When can I buy it

The FAQ states that vrAse will probably be for sale in the first half of 2015.
UPDATE: vrAse is still not available. Want a good VR headset now? Try a Homido VR, Noon VR or Merge Goggles. Or get a Freefly VR, they are offering a free Bluetooth Controller at the moment.

vrAse_01 vrAse_03 vrAse_02

Country of origin: Edinburgh, Scotland & Gran Canaria, Spain

Price: unknown

Wesbite: vrase.com

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