Chinese VR headset

Chinese VR Headset

My first Chinese VR headset for my iPhone 6 has arrived!

2 Week ago I decided to order a Chinese VR headset on AliExpress, the worlds biggest Chinese marketplace. For 12€ / 14,5$ and free shipping I ordered a VR headset which name I cannot read or pronounce. 2 week later, it arrived, which is fast. Mostly stuff ordered from AliExpress take from 3 to 6 weeks to arrive. If your not in a hurry, this is a cheap way to buy these kind of gadgets.

It's looks kind of like a RiTech3D made of cheap Chinese plastic.
It has a 3-way headstrap, nice foam for comfort and the lenses are adjustable in eye distance and focus. This means it has more features than most European and American VR headsets available at this moment.

Open the font side and put in your smart phone. The slider makes it a very compatible device.

The lenses are made from plastic but the quality seems far better and bigger in size than Google Cardboard and Durovis Dive lenses. And indeed they are.


After putting on the device I was very disappointed. My iPhone 6 way to small, the FOV is horrible. It looks like I'm looking at a TV in front of my face. Almost no immersion what so ever! 🙁

In short terms: If the Field of View would be better, I would strongly recommend this headset.



Having a build-in slider, this headset will work with any iPhone
Your camera won't work because there is no opening on the front.
But there is an opening for your headphones.


Country of origin: China

Price: about 12€ / 14,5$ on AliExpress and 20€ / 25$ on Amazon

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