Lakento MVR – Virtual Reality Headset Review

Lakento MVR Headset

A Spanish VR headset for mobile phones that works with mobile phones that have a minimum of 4 inch display and a maximum of 6.4 inches. It's Design is kinda poor and the front camera of your mobile device will not work.

It does have 1 very nice feature we were waiting for!!


2 Buttons that work on the iPhone!!! That's right, finally we have control.
The buttons are on the topside of the VR headset.
It works as a digital pen.

When you press the button the mechanism touches the phone screen with a conductive foam.

Lakento launched 2 Apps: Shark VR and House of Terror.

For 59€ it's seems like a good deal.



Although the website doesn't mention it, Lakento MVR will work with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.



Country of origin: Spain

Price: 59€


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