Cmoar Roller Coaster VR – Review

Cmoar VR Roller Coaster

Cmoar Roller Coaster, created by a Polish team that is also coming with VR headsets.

This is the best and longest Roller Coaster in the App Store!
almost 4 minutes of very good graphics and a great ride.
A the moment the App has a bug: the camera doesn't follow the rail path, but it's a minor thing and a new update that promises to fix this is on the way.

This Roller Coaster isn't cheap! 2,99$ /2,99€
If you're a Roller Coaster fan than I recommend you buy it.

Cmoar02 Cmoar03 Cmoar04

Price: 2,99$ /2,99€

Country of origin: Poland

AppStore link:

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