Moggles just launched on Indiegogo


Update 18-12-2016: The Moggles headset has still not been released. The Indiegogo funding goalwas not reached and its unclear if this headset will ever become available.

Moggles, short for mobile goggles, is a Virtual Reality Console. Made to fit your pocket. It gives you an easy and accessible way of exploring the possibilities of head mounted displays and virtual reality.



Moggles promises to be suitable for alle smart phones with a screen size smaller than 5,5 inches. This means all iPhones should work with it!

Open Moggles

Moggles also offers a free to download 3D printable version:, just like Durovis's OpenDive

Headset  + Controller + App

Moggles focuses on portability and they also created a controller which fits in the Moggles when it's not being used.

It has a wheel to focus the lenses and another wheel to adjust the distance between your eyes, so it should be suitable for everybody.

The Controller has the familiar hand controller interface; a steering pad with four arrows, four action buttons and L+R buttons. It also has a escape button that switches to the smartphone camera image so you can interact with the real world. The hand controller is rechargeable with the same charger as your phone (micro USB) and it has built in sensors to register and use your hand movements. Use it as a laser pointer, a sword, handgun or anything you want.

headset   mogglescomplete


Price: around 70€ / 79$ on Indiegogo (earlybird)

Country of origin: Sweden



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