VRizzmo – VR Headset Review (Hands-on)

VRizzmo: A Dual Lens system, 2 buttons and the ability to customize!



One of the big downsides of most VR headsets for smartphones are the lack of controls.
You can buy a separate gamepad or controller, but they are expensive and you don't want to carry it around.
Like Lakento, VRizzmo has 2 buttons built-in buttons to control your games!
unfortunately it doesn't work very well for the iPhone 6. If the screen were just 1 cm larger it would work much better. Lets hope a next version of VRizzmo will come with the buttons a bit more centered. But don't let it spoil the fun, VRizzmo has lots to offer!

Dual Lenses

The VRizzmo developers promise less lens distortion thanks to its patent-pending Dual lens technology. This works nice. It does reduce the distortion and the FOV is very good.


The VRizzmo feels really strong as a whole. It feels like it's gonna last a lifetime, there are no fragile parts. It is a bit heavy (400gr) but the 3-way headstrap made of high quality 5cm thick strap grabs really good on your head and has a comfortable feeling.
This VR-headset comes with a spear set of foams to replace the mounted one's when there old. The whole device seems to be focused on quality and it is very good priced!


Another very nice extra feature is the ability to choose colors. Probably this will cost you extra. But if you have a company or just like a certain color very much they do offer the possibility to order to your likes.



Compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s



Watch the VR-iPhone.com Unboxing video!

Country of origin: Poland

VRizzmo is available
@ the Amazon UK store for 42,65£   and
@ the Amazon DE store for 55,26€

Website: http://www.vrizzmo.com/en

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  1. There are two orange buttons, one on each side of the headset. They re touch buttons, so they ll work both on Android and iPhones.


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