Finally: Google Cardboard v2.0: and it works on iPhones! (UPDATE)

Google's Clay Bavor announced an iOS Google Cardboard App for iPhones and the button works!

The Google Cardboard App for iOS is, at the moment, only available in the USA AppStore but will soon be released worldwide.
Is available in the AppStores.

Link to the USA Apple AppStore Google Cardboard App

Also a new Google Cardboard v2.0 model is coming  available which support smartphones with a screen size up to 6 inches, which means it will now support the iPhone 6(s) plus as well. The Carboard V 2.0 does not have a magnetic button anymore, instead it uses a conductive foam which gives you access to the screentouch function on Android and iOS. It also has bigger lenses and the immersion is much better. Overall it just feels like a much better product.

I Am Cardboard, one of the bigger Google Cardboard makers, sells the new Cardboard v2.0 in boxcolor, black, red, yellow, white and blue. (Links to Amazon)

There are few view other "Google Cardboard Approved" version of the Google Cardboard version 2, which includes the iOS friendly conductive button:

Source: The Verge (

Price Google Cardboard App for iOS: Free


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