Over 50 VR Games in the AppStore

AppStore Top 5 VR Games iOS

With over 50 Virtual Reality Games in the Apple AppStore things are getting serious!

VR-iPhone Game List

The Big game developers are staying behind. That's a shame!
Wouldn't it be great to play Grand Theft Auto or Modern Combat in your favorite VR iPhone Headset!

With about 15 VR headset for iPhone to choose from it feels like something is missing...

VR Headset Comprison List

An Official Apple VR Headset with Controller! Wouldn't that be Nice!

While Gear VR, Oculus Rift, Microsoft Holodeck and the HTC Valve Vive are taking pole positions, Apple is invisible and no rumors suggest Apple is about to enter the game.

Let´s Hope Apple wakes up or comes with an astonishing surprise next WWDC in June.

Until then... keep checking my Twitter @VR-iPhone  for the latest VR iPhone Game and Headset news!

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  1. Onita Cordova 09/08/2016 @ 04:52

    I like this blog very much so much great info.


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