Visus VR – Another approach

The First wireless PC-driven Virtual Reality Headset

Unlike other VR headsets for Smartphones, Visus VR uses the power of a PC and the smartphone screen to play premium VR games.

They promise a very low latency, which is very important to get that true immersive experience.

It´s already on sale and can be pre-ordered for July 2015

Tridef 3D software

For an extra 29$ (approx. 26,5€), you will also get a software tool that translates normal 3D games into full functional VR games! Sounds great! Call of Duty, here we come!!!


Visus VR recommends an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus. iPhone 5 and 5s will work but there will be latency and their screens are to small.



Visus VR promises the following features and specs:

  • Lees than 30ms latency
  • About 100 degrees field-of-view
  • Anti-for system
  • Supplemental Batery pack (4 hours)
  • Possibility to fit prescription glasses
  • Dedicated wireless Head-tracking system


Country of origin: LA, USA

Price: 149$ / 140€


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