FullDive VR headset (Cancelled)

Update 15-02-2016: This product was cancelled!

Yet another VR headset for smartphones coming to Kickstarter.com next month!

This one has a funny new gadget they call the FullDive Wand. It's a sensor driven pen to create 3D holograms.

fulldive04 fulldive03



Not all specs are know yet but we do know a few thing:

  • It has an sensor-driven controller
  • A Google Cardboard like magnet (useless for iPhones)
  • An opening for the back camera and for the audio headset
  • Changeable phone cases
  • Free Apps for iOS and Android
  •  an own SDK
  • Head tracking (I wonder how?)
  • Adjustable headstrap


The FullDive headset will work with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus


The normal Kickstarter price will be around 69$ / 60€ (controller included), which seems like a great price!
Super early birds can already go to the FullDive website and order a super early bird for only 25$ including the controller and free US and international shipping!

Deliveries are expected to start in March 2016


As said, the FullDive will have a sensor-driven controller that looks like a pen to create 3D holograms. I can't quite figure out what that means exactly but it sounds like an nice addition to all the already available controllers.




FullDive will also launch a few Apps on iOS




Price: 60€ / 69$

Country of origin: San Francisco, USA

Website:  fulldive.com

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