Jaunt VR App for iPhone

Jaunt Virtual Reality

The leading Cinematic Virtual Reality Company Jaunt VR launched it's iOS App

This free App contains 10 free to view Virtual Reality experiences which you must try!


Cinematic VR content

Using a high-tech camera system to simultaneously records 3D stereoscopic video in all directions coupled with a 3D sound-field microphones, everything needed to reconstruct the complete visual and auditory experience is available.




Jaunt's cross-platform viewer renders content for the Oculus Rift and other devices. It uses VR head tracking to allow the user to see in any direction and binaural mixing which creates an audio experience that is just as immersive as the visual.jauntvr


Country of origin: Palo Alto, United States

Price: free

Website: www.jauntvr.com 

App link


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