Freefly VR – VR Headset Review (Hands-on)

This VR headset, which was launched by Proteus VR Labs,  sells for a great value for your money!

It has an ingenious way of holding your phone assuring your phone will always be centered to the headset. Also there is almost no risk of your phone falling out of the device. The design allows you to use your headphones and power-cord no matter which device you use, thanks to the sliding parts on the side.
The clip above opens the front, so you can lay your phone on a soft foam which protects your smartphone from scratches, push the right and left side simultaneously towards the phone, close the device and you'll be assured of a perfect fit.

freeflyvr01Thanks to the 42mm large and high quality lenses the Freefly VR a huge 120 degrees field of view.
The faux-leather will protect your face and gives comfort. Also you can easily clean it making it a more hygienic device than their competition.
Freefly VR has a 3-way adjustable strap which I find a very needed thing for VR comfort.
Weighting 295 grams, the device itself is very lightweight and won't bother you when using it.
The case is rather big, but it keeps the device safe against falls and scratches and has a nice design plus a cool logo.
If I have to mention one downside, then it would be that there is no access to the camera disabling Augmented Reality possibilities.



The Freefly VR is compatible with the iPhone 6(s) and iPhone 6(s) plus

The Freefly VR is already on sale in the US Amazon store also!


  • Huge Field of View (120°)
  • Wide 42 mm lenses for maximum field of immersion
  • Multi-phone adjustable (4.7″ and 6.1″), including the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, Samsung S3, S4, S5 and S6, Samsung Note 3&4 and many more…
  • Lightweight design
  • 1-click quick open system
  • Ergonomic comfort with soft faux-leather




  • Case
  • Lens tissue
  • instruction manual


Bjork fans who purchased the singer's new Vulnicura album got an extra treat on Sunday - being the first to experience the virtual reality version of the Stonemilker music video.
Freefly VR supplied the headsets for the album launch events at Rough Trade East in London, Rough Trade in Brooklyn and the Museum of Modern Art PS1 venue also in Brooklyn.

As you pull the headset over your eyes, you find yourself transported to that black sand beach, the hiss of the waves mixing with the rising strings, the chatter of Sunday record shoppers silenced.

Says Emily Mackay, Guardian Music Blog

Click here to view to the VR-iPhone Unboxing video

Country of origin: London, UK


Price: 77€ / 97$ / 59£

Buy this headset on Amazon

Readers Comments (5)

  1. Hi guys,
    This website is awesome!
    There so many headsets models..
    On which one wold yo recommended?
    For iPhone 6?
    That will give the best experience and vr feeling?
    And not just 3d effect…
    And also whice one gives the best content Support for iPhone 6?
    FreeFly vr? or Hommido?
    Or maybe it’s worth to buy the BoBo VR Z4 with 120 fov that is cheaper..

    Thanks in advance for tour help!
    Have a great day,

    • Hi,
      Personally I like Merge VR very much. It’s good quality, reasonable FOV and it has iPhone compatible buttons.
      If you’re not interested in having the buttons than Bobo VR Z3, Homido and Freefly are very nice options also.
      I will review Bobo VR Z4 soon, but I havn’t tried it yet.

      • Hi Mike,
        Thanks for your reply and help,
        Could you please explain me the buttons thing?
        And also the controllers thing?
        Is it must have for games?
        Also what is the Google v2 button?

        • V2 button is a conductive button that activates a screen touch. Lots if games use it so I recommend a headset that has one.

        • Listen to Mike. I just packed up the Firefly to return it. Without buttons, you can look at a few things, but apps like Cardboard, games, etc need buttons. The controller here only works with Android. I wish I had read Mike’s post earlier!


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