Manus Machina – VR Glove

The Manus is the first consumer data-glove specifically designed for virtual reality.

It tracks hand movement using a combination of high-tech sensors all contained inside the glove. With this technology, The Manus provides accurate and reliable hand tracking.

Bluetooth integration makes The Manus completely wireless, giving gamers a no strings attached mobile VR experience.

To make it easy to develop, the software is completely open-source. This makes it an incredible opportunity for game developers. The Manus offers a immersive and intuitive interaction not found in any other device on consumer market, enabling a revolutionary new VR experience.

In October 2014 Manus Machina was selected from 10.000 candidates for the Dutch StartupBootcamp HighTechXL


There will be an SDK (software development kit) for iOS also, which means game developers can create Manus Machina support in VR games for the iPhone. great!

So we then will have Virtual Reality eyes and hands to immerse in our iPhones.... What's next?!


Manus Machina is not yet available and delivery is planned in Q4 2015. You can pre-order Manus Machina as a developers kit. The Manus Machina comes with 2 gloves (right and left), positional tracking bracelets, 2 micro usb cables, an interface, SDK for various platforms and a demo for the supported platforms: iOS, OS X, Android, Windows.
The consumer version is estimated to be released in 2016.

Price: 279€ / 279$

Country of origin: Eindhoven, The Netherlands


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