3 Mid-priced VR-headsets Compared

I think it's time for some comparing.

This post will compare 3 mid-priced (60€-80€) iPhone 6 compatible VR headsets

In the News and Twitter lately, there's been a lot of talk about Virtual Reality headsets.
Unfortunately the always talk about the same 8 headsets: Oculus Rift, Vive, Fove, Morpheus, Microsoft Hololens, Gear VR, Zeiss VR One (129€) and the Google Cardboard (15€).

The last two devices are iPhone compatible, but there's much more than that! Actually there much more in between those two. Today I'll compare 3 mid-priced VR-headsets. Off-course iPhone compatibly.

The Homido VR, a leight weighted Fresh VR-headset

The Freefly VR, a very comfortable English VR Headset

The VRizzmo, a highly customizable Polish VR Headset








Let's start with some specifications:

On Mobile phones please rotate landscape to see full table

Freefly VR69,00€295gr17,5x14x11cmiPhone 6
iPhone 6 plus
Homido VR69,99€230gr14,5x10x9cmiPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 plus
VRizzmo59,99€400gr16,x10,5x8cmiPhone 5
iPhone 5s
iPhone 5c
iPhone 6


All 3 headsets offer a good value for your money. the lenses are good, they are relatively comfortable, you can use your headphones and power cord while wearing the VR-headsets, they have 3-way head straps and they have a good Field of View (FOV).

They do differ quite a bit and each of them have their pro's and con's:

+ easy to place your phone
+ Light weighted
+ Very comfortable
- Lenses not adjustable
Website Freefly VR: www.freeflyvr.com


Homido VR:
+ Small travel case
+ Light weighted
+ Lenses are adjustable
- not easy to place your phone the right way
- no iPhone 6 plus
Website Homido VR: www.homido.com


+ Customizable
+ nice for your eyes
+ strong
+ Price
- the 2 Built-in buttons are not compatible with the iPhone 6
- heavy weighted
- not very comfortable
Website VRizzmo: www.vrizzmo.com



The Freefly VR offer comfort thanks to its soft headstrap and the soft faux-leather. It's light weighted and you can use the device for a long time without hurting your face and eyes. Free fly VR supports smartphones with screen sizes going from 4.7" to 6.1".

If Lens adjustment is important to you, then the Homido  VR is your choice without a doubt. The lenses are adjustable in 2 ways: Interpupillar distance (IPD) and Immersion. If that's not enough, the Homido VR comes with 3 types of lens holders with different distances. Perfect for people who are sort- or farsighted.

Both the Freefly VR and the Homido VR can be ordered with small controllers. Be aware the controllers only work for iPhone Apps/Games that support iCade. No MFi is supported. The games Occupation VR and Flight Simulator are compatible with these controllers.
Also both VR-headsets come with a good quality travel case and a cleaning tissue.

The VRizzmo is different. The nice thing about it is the very distinguishing design and the possibility to customize colors and add your logo or text for only 5€ extra!
Also each eye gets 2 lenses to reduce the common lens distortion.
The headset feels really strong, the straps are large and though.
The VRizzmo comes with a second set of foams to replace.


I own all 3 the VR-headsets and I really can't choose between them. If I go out, I bring the Homido VR because of it's light weight and small travel case. The Freefly VR is perfect to use often thanks to it's comfortable faux-leather and the VRizzmo is an eye catcher plus you can put a logo or text of your company on it!.

Do you have other iPhone compatible mid-priced VR-headsets?
Sure. The German Durovis Dive, the Spanish Lakento MVR and The Brazilian Beenoculus.
This is just the start because there are a lot more devices coming to the market soon!
Don't forget to see the VR-iPhone complete Virtual Reality Headset List.

Hope you liked this post. You can ready the extensive hands-on reviews and unboxings of these 3 devices I made a while ago:
Homido VR Review
Homido VR Unboxing
Freefly VR Review
Freefly VR Unboxing
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Readers Comments (2)

  1. Hi there! At the end of your post you mention another 3 devices you own (Durovis, Lakento, Beenoculus). What do you think of them? Are they a good choice?

    • Hi, I have a Durovis Dive but do not own the other two.

      Personally I do not like the Durovis: lenses are not stable and small, besides that the plastic feels kinda cheap.
      BeeNoculus is from Brazil and the shipping costs are too high at the moment.
      The Lakento MVR, has two buttons which could be a pro, but I do not like the design. To be sure I will test them sometime soon.

      My personal preference would be either the Homido or the Freefly but the market is growing very fast… Merge Goggles, Noon Vr, VR One… Check our VR Headet Database!


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