Wearality Sky – VR headset

Update 18-12-2016: Wearality is for sale now.

Another Kickstarter VR-headset for sale soon: The Wearality Sky
Small, light weighted ans open source.

What's distiguishes the Wearality Sky from other VR-headsets?
Well, a lot!

It's smaller because it's foldable, it promises to have a gigantic 150 degrees Field of View. Which is a lot compared to the 90-120 degrees most VR-headset achieve. It has no headstrap but you can attach it to a cap. It's Open source and weights about 90 grams.


We have developed a set of double Fresnel lenses that fundamentally change how you see your screen. Because the lenses calibrate your view such that you can only see half of the screen through each eye, the need of a central divider has been removed. It also means you cannot see past the edges of the screen, thus an outer housing would only be needed for preventing light bleed.


Wearality will work with iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and also with Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, Note, and Nexus 6.



  • Wide field of view (FOV) head wearable display FOV 150
  • Crystal clear and in focus everywhere with little or no color distortion.
  • State-of-the-art, patented, double Fresnel lens technology designed by Lockheed Martin for the defense and aerospace industry.
  • Open design and increased FOV reduces or eliminates “simulation sickness” and eyestrain experienced by users of other systems.
  • A foldable device that easily fits in your pocket.
  • Very light head wearable display designed to fit onto a flat brimmed ball cap for hands-free operation.
  • Large exit pupil of any head wearable display, meaning it does not have to be adjusted or modified to accommodate differences in biometrics or use of glasses.

Open Source

Wearlity Sky is a open source project. The 3D print files are available, so if you have a 3D printer or know somebody who does... print your own one, or better yet, customize it to your likes and then print it!

Don't know anyone? Try 3D Hub's. A 3D printing community all around the world.

Early adopters should receive their product by the end of this month. The rest of us will have to wait until the end of the year.

Country of origin: Silicon Valley, USA

Price: about 49,99$

Website: wearality.com

Wearality VR Headset is also available on Amazon.com

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