PLAY VR-headset on Kickstarter (CANCELED)


A new Budget VR-headset for you Smartphone just hit Kickstarter.
PLAY is the world’s first unibody, out-of-the-box ready virtual reality (VR) device.


Paralo is launching a Kickstarter campaign for their innovative virtual reality view. PLAY is the world’s first unibody, out-of-the-box ready virtual reality (VR) device.
Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.
The Kickstarter campaign will fund production of the product and launch the affordable and easy-to-use VR device.

First PLAY Virtual Reality devices will be delivered in Q2 2016.

The device is designed for the casual audience especially for kids. It's intentionally designed to be simple, playful, and intuitive. It will be colorful, feel soft, flexible and durable because of the silicone. Therefore it is waterproof and drop proof – perfect for children to handle and use. The technology is inspired by Google Cardboard and it is also light, out of the box ready, and accessible in terms of cost unlike most other VR devices.






The device is fully compatible with iPhone 6 and limited compatible with iPhone 5, 5S and 5C.

Unfortunately this device is based on the first version of Google Cardboard, this means the magnetic button won't work on iOS devices, so if you wan't to control a game which needs a controller you have to buy one separately.

The lenses are also the same size as the old Google Cardboard, 25mm in Diameter with 40mm Focal Length. instead of the pleasant 37mm in Diameter with 50mm Focal Length.


  • Product weight: 250 g
  • Product size: 8,9cm x 7,9cm x 17,8cm / 3.5” x 3.1” x 7”,
  • Color: Blue, Pink, Black
  • Lenses: 25mm diameter 40mm focal length
  • Comfortable, Durable, and beautifully designed

Founding Story

We came up with the idea after realizing it was harder for our adult selves to be lost in our imagination. This was different from when we were younger we played make-believe or pretended, we were doing something amazing. After trying on different Virtual Reality headsets, we realized this technology can help reclaim that suspension of disbelief.
It was a way to explore worlds which only existed in our imagination.

Country of Origin: Brooklyn, NY, USA

Price: Early bird 30$ (about 27,50€) on Kickstarter



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