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New VR-headset campaign on Indiegogo just launched! Get the early-bird for 49$

Read our interview with Michael Nightingale, co-creator if the VUDE VR.

First deliveries are estimated Q1 2016.


Vude VR is compatible with smartphone that have screen sizes between 3,5 and 5,5 inches.
This means that the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, 6 and 6 plus are compatible.



  • Headset dimensions: 7.48"x5.31"x3.93"
  • Premium ABS plastic material
  • Ultra high-quality aspherical lenses
  • Focal distance adjustment knobs (sides)
  • Lens width adjustment knob (top) (like the Homido VR)
  • Comfortable padded viewing area  (like the Freefly VR)
  • Adjustable padded head mounting straps
  • Front smartphone mount (accommodates most smartphones with 3.5"-5.5" screen)
  • Easy-open magnetized front
  • Removable, magnetic face plate for utilizing smartphone cameras for augmented reality apps
  • Side openings for headphone jack/ smartphone charger access
  • Design naturally cools enclosed smartphone


Interview with co-creator of VUDE VR

Who are you and how/when did you learn about Virtual Reality?

My name is Michael Nightingale, I'm a recent college graduate who studied Business Marketing and Computer Science. I was a fan of virtual reality since the Oculus Rift first released a few years ago. However, after the initial release of the Oculus Rift, I realized a few things: First, virtual reality headsets out there can be very expensive. Second, users have all the technology they need to make their own virtual reality headset using their smart phone. And finally - the quality of smart phone VR headsets just isn't there quite yet.

Why should people buy people buy your device instead of your direct competitors?

The reason we designed the VUDE virtual reality headset is because we weren't satisfied with the options available on the market. We've tested several of the headsets you listed and noticed that with each one, there was something wrong or a feature missing. Cheap materials and parts were common, awkward controls, and magnetic buttons on the headset just didn't work how they were supposed to. We took all these things into consideration and came up with the Vude VR headset: a comfortable, high-quality design that will actually work the way it was intended.

You are developing a VR-headset for smart phone. How do you think people should control Apps/Games with your device?

We recognize that many smart phone VR headsets have a magnetic or touch button that can be used to interact and play games on your smart phone. However, after using many of these solutions we noticed 2 things: One, it is awkward to use buttons that are built on the headset. Second, these controls seldom work the way they are supposed to across several devices. This is why we use a bluetooth control pad optimized for use with VR apps and games on iOS and Android devices.  It is natural to use and works much better than the alternatives.


Lenses are very import for the immersive experience. Could you give of lens specifications?

We used high-quality aspherical lenses that provide a 170-degree field of vision for smart phone VR apps and games. We also have adjustable focus and depth of field knobs on the top and sides in order to adjust the picture distance and clarity to your liking. It has a 3x zoom and adjustment features that accommodate different eyesights and preferences.

What will be the consumers price after the Indiegogo campaign ends?

After the Kickstarter campaign, this bundled headset and remote will retail for $69. Early backers can get the headset for $20 off, a tremendous deal.

What is in your opinion missing in VR for Smartphones?

In my opinion, most headsets on the market are missing quality and good design. They are bulky, awkward controls, feel cheap, and are just ugly to look at. We focused on designing an easy-to-use headset that would feel natural to wear and use, and look good too. The result was VUDE.

What is in your opinion the best Smartphone for VR on the market?

I believe that the best smartphones on the market for virtual reality headsets are the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, the Samsung galaxy S5/6 and the Asus zenphone. Any smart phone with a high-resolution screen and support for apps and devices work best on these type of headsets.

What is in your opinion the best Smartphone Game for VR on the market or coming soon?

This is a tough answer. I love the Fibrum games and apps they designed since they are easy to use and have great graphics. I also enjoy Sharks VR , since I am an avid surfer and enjoy the ocean. But I'm also excited about the possibility of FPS games as new releases for smart phone devices. I also enjoy watching Youtube 360 videos and 360-degree go pro videos on occasion. Basically, I just love Virtual reality.




Country of origin: Hawaii, United States

Price: 69$ / 62€ (early bird 49$ / 44€)

Website: Vude Indiegogo

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