SHOT: a VR Camera for iPhones (kickstarter)

SHOT is a low-cost Virtual Reality camera for your iPhone
It started a campaign on Kickstarter last week and is a Kickstarter Staff Pick.


What is SHOT

It's a lens attachment and an app to create virtual reality videos and photos with your iPhone.

Shot is a lens attachment composed of two lenses that increase the field of view of your phone’s camera, and an app that allows you to easily record and share immersive content.

Open the app, slide the lens attachment and start recording and sharing immersive videos and photos in one shot. The interface will be similar to other apps like Instagram or Vine.

With SHOT you will be able to capture 360 degree photos and 235 degree videos to view on your iPhone with or without a VR headset.


As there the captures are made with only one camera, SHOT will not be a fully immersive Virtual Reality 3D experience. For that you need 2 camera's capturing at approximately 5,5cm. This doesn't mean that the effect won't be awesome! It just means that there is room for improvement in the future.shot03First shipments are estimated to start April 2016.


SHOT will be compatible with the iPhones 6, 6plus, 6S and 6S plus.


Country of origin: Madrid, Spain

Price: 62€ at Kickstarter (earlybird)

Website: SHOT


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