Cmoar VR headset (UPDATE)

Update 18-12-2016: This headset has still not been released. Beware that participating in a crow funding project has the risk of loosing your money. You have no guarantee a product will be delivered.

Finally a Solution for iPhone!

Were you awaiting the premiere of a new iPhone? So were we and - as it seems - it was well worth waiting.

Feel special thanks to exclusive Cmoar iPhone Edition! We provide a unique base for iPhone 6 Plus, which fits it just perfect!

Thanks to Cmoar you will be able to expand your iPhone’s capabilities beyond the limits. Cmoar is one of the few headsets that is dedicated to such sizeable smartphones. More importantly, the team of our developers creates games and apps for Apple devices to give you even more possibilities.


Cmoar VR Headset just launched on and with 30% funds within a day it certainly will be a success!

Cmoar offers lot's of features that at the moment are not available for iPhones: Integrated Motion detection, Motion controller gamepad, buttons and output for USB and headphones! Other VR headset do not have intergrated hardware and rely on external controllers.

This is not just a piece of plastic with a strap and a set of lenses... Cmoar is a device capable of sending your movements to the iPhone.

This will be the first VR headset with integrated Accelerometer, magnetometer and Gyroscope for iPhones. This means latency will drop and the immersion rises.

The basic VR headset will cost early birds 99$, which seems incredibly cheap compared to other VR headsets.
If these guys succeed in delivering the promised product, this will likely be the first "Gear-VR like" VR headset compatible with an iPhone!

ION VR could become their competitor in the built-in hardware race as they also announced their VR headset which can be pre ordered and is expected to be delivered Q1 2016. If you can't wait that long, there are pretty fun and affordable VR headsets like Homido VR and Noon VR widely available.


Compatible with iPhone 5, 5s, 5c 6, 6 plus, 6s and 6s plus.



Buttons and input

As seen on the pictures bellow, the Cmoar (See More) has buttons to control your iPhone on the right side, volume buttons and a headphone input on the left and a USB and micro USB on the top.




You can also order a GamePad (49$), a PowerBank (19$) and a Stand (29$).
The GamePad has inbuilt motion sensors, this is the first gamepad of this type, developed specially for mobile VR. It opens up a whole new range of possibilities of interaction in VR apps.




Final Design (Update 9-10-2015)

Cmoar announced that the design and engineering Phase has been completed.

They have reveled the final Design:

cmoar1 cmoar2cmoar5 cmoar3cmoar6

Country of origin: Poland

Price: On Kickstarter starts at 99$


 Update 17 February 2015: 65% funded within only 3 days! Looks promising.

Update 5 May 2015: 120% funded

Update 9 October 2015: Final Design

Update 18 December 2016: Backers are complaining and have lost their trust in this proejct

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  1. This company are thieves, they took everyone’s money (Kickstarter and indiegogo) strung us along promising us it would be ready by October,then in September they don’t have the money to complete the project though they have wasted everyone’s money on other vanity products which were not in any pitch. AVOID THIS COMPANY THEY ARE LIARS they do not deserve success


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