Durovis Dive – Virtual Reality Headset Review (UPDATE)

The Durovis Dive is the world’s first Virtual Reality smartphone holder for consumers.

 The device stands for a simple but convincing technical approach to be able to dive into Virtual Reality: You use the processing power and the display of your smart phone instead of implementing electronics into a VR holder. You start the application on your smart phone, insert your mobile, adjust the lenses – and you are done.

The basic idea behind the Dive Project: Virtual Reality should become available for many people without a barrier – after all, most of us have the “key” already in their pocket: Their smart phone. The expensive part is already available – that makes the Durovis Dive a good value solution for experiencing virtual reality.

The Durovis Dive works with Android or iOS smartphones featuring a gyroscope and an accelerometer and a display not larger than 5 inches.

Durovis Dive 5


The Durovis Dive 5 is the original hands-free smartphone holder that allows you to get immersed into virtual reality. And one of the first on the market.
It's made from flexible nylon plastic and is lightweight. The downside of this material choice is that it feels a little cheap and fragile.

The lenses are adjustable in eye-distance and IPD (interpupilar eye distance).
Durovis Dive 5 now ships with a Magnet system. Just like the first version of the Google Cardboard. If you have an older version, you can buy an upgrade kit to add the magnet to the Durovis. For iPhone users this us useless, as the magnet button does not work with iOS.

The Durovis is widely available worldwide on their website and you can order it through Amazon US Store and the Amazon Germany Store.

The Durovis is the first VR headset that also has a Leap Motion holder (add-on) for sale on Amazon.com.
Beware that the Leap Motion holder is ment for Developers! If you are a tech pioneer you can buy it. I own a Leap Motion myself and with a PC or Mac it is pretty fun.

The Durovis 5 is compatible with the iPhones 4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5S, 6 and 6S.

Durovis is prices in the mid range category competing with great VR headsets like Homido, Freefly VR and VRizzmo. That's a though choice!

Durovis Dive Cardboards (update)


Durovis also sells Durovis Cardboards which are similar to the well know Google Cardboard. There are two types of Durovis Dive Cardboard:

The Durovis Dive Cardboard 5 is similar to the old Google Cardboard v1.0 which means it has the Magnetic button (which does not work on iOS devices), 25mm lenses and supports up to 5 inch smart phones.

The Durovis Dive Cardboard 6 is similar to the new Google Cardboard v2.0 which has a conductive button that works better with iOS devices, bigger 37mm lenses and supports up to 6 inch smart phones.

If you have a iPhone 6... go for the Cardboard 6 version.


Open Dive

The Durovis Team created a free to download 3D print model (Open Dive).
I printed this model (see picture) and ordered a Lens Kit which contains lenses and a headstrap at Amazon.de and I can tell you that this works Great! Thank you Durovis!
The lens kit is also available in the US (Amazon).

The printed version is not very comfortable but with some creativity you can fix this issue and the 3D printed version is made from very strong ABS plastic and feels a lot stronger than it´s mass production brother Dive 5.

Altergaze is also 3D printed, but instead of offering you the 3D print they have contracts with 3D printer owners all over the world.

Open Dive





Additionally now you can order a Google Cardboard type of magnetic button and an upgrade lens kit for older VR-headset on their website. The upgrade contains the holders and 32mm lenses instead of the old 25mm lenses, which improves the FOV.


Durovis Dive 7

Durovis now has a VR-headset for tablet. Sadly not for the iPad mini (or other iPads).
Durovis is definitely more Android orientated


Country of origin: Germany

Price: 35,70€/$

Website: http://www.durovis.com/

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  1. Virtual server 14/10/2016 @ 02:18

    De Durovis Dive wordt geleverd in een pouch van stof en moet eerst nog in elkaar gezet worden. De lenzen zijn namelijk los van de bril verpakt en moeten vanaf de zijkant erin geschoven worden. Je kunt ze op twee manieren erin zetten, met de bolle kant naar voor of naar achter, en er staat niet duidelijk aangegeven welke de juiste is. Dat is in het begin dus een beetje uitzoeken.


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