RevolVR VR Game Controller


RevolVR: A Virtual Reality controller made for deep immersion.

RevolVR is a set of wireless VR Controllers that were made for gamers and developers. The Company creating it promises it can be used to play Virtual Reality shooting games in the most natural and immersive way at an affordable price.

The RevolVR indigo campaign will soon te launched. RevolVR is a Virtual Reality gun that will be highly compatible with most Mobile and VR Headsets.

As we speak there is a working Proof of Concept for Android and they are working on the iOS version for iPhones.



The controllers will be compatible with mobile devices and VR headsets and will have a super low latency, easy setup, compact and an ergonomic design.


There will be 2 controllers: The Dominator (Gun) and the Navisgator (small controller), both wireless and we enable you to navigate through virtual world and aim and shoot as well.


  • Compatible with most Virtual Reality Headsets (Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Homido VR, Zeiss VR One, etc...)
  • Wireless
  • Open Software and Hardware
  • Ergonomic
  • Instant Play (turn on and play)

Roman Semenov CEO of Velcro Games will be adding support for their future games.

Open Source

The guys at RevolVR have been focusing on the hardware and software of the VR controllers. They say they want to share their love for VR gaming and are planning to make this project  #opensource and even #openhardware. This mean that upon success of the crowdfunding campaign, they will provide full documentation on how to make your own cool RevolVR - compatible gun controller.

There will be an option to pre-order our high quality controllers, ready for action just from the package, but full documentation will be provided to the public, as well as opensource SDK and free plugins for cross-platform 3D engines (currently plugins are available for Unity3D, with more engines support coming in the future). Also they will provide demo games and examples, so even developers with low experience will be able to make games for our controllers. Of course, people participated in this campaign will get all materials much earlier than rest of the world.

Hands-on Review

I'll provide more details soon. will make a Hands-on Review soon and subscribe our Blog to receive notification so you can be on of the first to join the Indigo Crowfunding Campaign and get yourself this promising VR gadget.


RevolVR Facebook page

RevolVR Twitter

RevolVR Official Website

Price: Unknown

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