3 Very different Cardboards Hands-on Review

I Am Cardboard, i-mmersive Go, Cardboard Owl

Today I want to do a triple hands-on Review about 3 very different VR Cardboard models

  1. I Am Cardboard v2 (Red edition) - USA
  2. I-mmersive GO - Germany
  3. Cardboard Owl - The Netherlands

I Am Cardboard v2 (Red edition)

I'm sure most of you heard or own a I Am Cardboard. It's an American Company that's know as one of the first big producers of Google Cardboards. They have various models, from a simple classic Cardboard v1 with the useless magnetic button and small lenses, a plastic Cardboard, a 80$ high-end VR Headset called XGVR XinGear VR, a foam Cardboard called Eva and the relatively new I Am Cardboard Cardboard v2.

I Am Cardboard v2

Today I'll test the I Am Cardboard v2 2015 version.

The I Am Cardboard v2 is a high quality Cardboard with 35mm lenses, a colored coated cardboard, a conductive iOS friendly button and sweat protection where the forehead goes.
It has good quality lenses which are firmly mounted in the cardboard with the help of a round rubber piece. Probably to make it more durable. There are 6 colors to choose from: Cardboard, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, and Black.

I Am Cardboard v2 red

When starting to use this device take it out of its case. Now open the front, start an App or Game and scan the QR-code on the inside of the device.
The I Am Cardboard is WWGC (Works With Google Cardboard) Approved by Google. The iOS App or Game will recognize the device and will adapt to it.
Now place your iPhone, close the device and your good to go.
I tested the Cardboard with my iPhone 6 and it fits nicely and has a good FOV. My guess would be somewhere between the 90-95 degrees.

I Am Cardboard v2 costs 19,99$ which is a good price for a high-quality cardboard and shares the price category, quality level and specs with the also American Unofficial Cardboard 2.0+ and Knox v2.

Country of origin: United States

Website: ImCardboard.com

I-mmersive GO

A Germany budget Cardboard that has a whole different approach.


First off it´s the most portable and light-weighted Cardboard on the market. It flat and after folding it like an origami you can shove your iPhone into the back.

Don't expect wonder. It's small low quality lenses will not give the immersion a more expensive Google Cardboard will. But I do find it a funny product. I can imagine ordering a customized batch to hand out at a Company meeting or as a Company X-mas holiday gadget at the X-mas party.
It looks cheap and it is cheap, but it works and it's very portable. You could bring 30 in your bag on the train without feeling it.

This little Cardboard supports smart phone with sizes up to 71mm x 9mm which means the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6S will fit. Be carefull though to hold your phone when using the device as it might fall out! I think the viewing quality is more or less comparable to the Cardboard v1 Classic. Also there are no controls on this viewer.

In my opinion this device is not for long game play and frequent usage. It's nice as a small give away to show something to your client or friends.

i-mmersive GO costs 11,99€ and 14,99€ with a head-strap.

Country of Origin: Germany

Website: i-mmersive.net


Cardboard Owl 

Cardboard VR Owl

Cardboard Owl is a Dutch Google Cardboard v2 2015 without the conductive button.

This Cardboard has a unique feature: it folds like an Owl. Very clever Design, mounted within a minute.
Unmounting it is easy as well, so that makes de Owl very portable. Just fold it again and keep it with you in your bag.

VR Owl backVR Owl front

It has 37mm lenses, feels like high quality coated Cardboard and is compatible with iPhone models 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6S.

Cardboard Owl is available in white and green and has a fall-out protect.

For full specs check the Cardboard Owl in our VR Headset Database.

VR Owl Cardboard

Cardboard Owl costs 12,95€ and is available in a dutch webshop called bol.com and the official Owl VR Webpage.
If you're not from The Netherlands, choose the english flag to order outside of The Netherlands.

Website: cardboardOwl.nl

Country of origin: The Netherlands

Go to the VR Headset Database to the Full specs, price and more!

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