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InCell VR

Explorational game about cell microworld

InCell is VR racing game that shrinks you down to play among the micro structures of a human cell. Visuals, gameplay, and the feel of the game are all on point, but some of the educational material seems a little whitewashed by the amount of focus put on game mechanics.

InCell, a game developed by indie studio Nidal VR, puts you in the year 2134—a time when the human race gains the ability to shrink down to an incredibly small size and enter the body with the help of a surgical robot, your chariot along this wild ride through the interior of a cell. The game is an on-tracks experience that pits you against an ever advancing wave of an influenza virus as you race down microtubules, a cell’s inner structure that provide a gangway for things like vesicles, intracellular macromolecular assemblie, and other sciency things I looked up on wikipedia.

(source: RoadToVR)

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After creating InMind VR, Nival VR just launched their new and graphically impressive VR game InCell VR for iOS, Android/Gear VR and Oculus Rift.
This is, in my opnion, the best Virtual Reality experience you can have on an iPhone at the moment of writing!



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InCell is an action/racing VR game with a bit of strategy and education thrown into the mix. You'll take an exciting journey inside the highly unusual micro world of human cell and stop the virus advance. The game is focused on VR but you can play just fine without a set. The gameplay is similar to Radial-G.



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