Mr Cardboard POP! 2.5 VR Headset Hands-on Review

Mr Cardboard POP! 2.5 is, apart from the funny name, a beautifully designed German version of the famous Google Cardboard.

Mr Cardboard arrived at my doorstep on Cyber Monday, a very fast delivery from Germany to The Netherlands. I think it couldn't even beat this if I would send a letter to my own address...

Comming in the form of a collorfull envelope, the envelope transforms into Mr Cardboard in a matter of seconds.

What is Mr Cardboard? Well basically it's a redesigned version of Google Cardboard. A very well thought through mounting system that beats any Google Cardboard mount and containing a few extra's: a Mr Mustache (a soft foam to comfortably fit your nose, eyes and forehead) and a detachable head-strap. The lenses are similar to the Google Cardboard v1 25mm lenses. On the side you find the Google Cardboard App QR scan code and on both sides there is velcro to attach the head-strap. Last but not least: Mr Cardboard also has a cutout for your thumb to control your iPhone while inserted in Mr Cardboard.

Together with Zaak and Zeiss this is one of the three Google Cardboard approved German Cardboards.





Pro's and Con's


  • Design
  • Unique fast mounting system (even if you have no idea what a Google Cardboard is... you will mount it)
  • Head-strap
  • Mr Mustache comfort (extra accessoires, 1€)
  • Weight: 150 grams


  • No conductive button
  • 25mm lenses

mrcardboard05 mrcardboard04 mrcardboard03


Mr Cardboard is perfect for the bigger smartphones and phablets. The iPhone 6 plus and iPhone 6S plus fit perfectly. iPhone 6 and 6S fit as well but they tend to fall ou so you'll have to be carefull and put your hand around the device to prevent disaster.

Durable, Social and Sustainable

The POP! 2.5 has Paint-sealed surface against sweat and skin oils and 90% of this gadget is made from recycled cardboard. Mr Cardboard also donates a part of each POP! 2.5 sale to a charity project.

Country of origin: Germany


Price: 18,90€ (Mr Mustache 1€ extra)

Mr Cardboard also creates custom-branded VR Cardboards.


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