a X-mas VR is coming with Zaak Cardboard

Zaak Dark Shader X-mas

Zaak Dark Shader X-mas Edition

Cardboard maker Zaak has launched its Zaak Dark Shader X-mas Edition which is a classic Cardboard v1 and is officially WWGC (Works with Google Cardboard) approved by Google. This means it works with all the Google Cardboard Apps and Games and it follows the manufacturer rules and guidelines Google introduced to standardize the Cardboard market.

It's a easy to mount black-coated Cardboard with 25mm (diameter) crystal clear lenses, an opening for your camera and a WWGC QR code inside. Apps and Games which were built with the Google Cardboard SDK will recognize this cardboard and adapt to it for best VR experience.

Zaak Dark Shader

I find this Cardboard, priced at 12,60€ very cheap! Especially taking in consideration that is made of a very good quality 1,5mm coated cardboard and has a magnetic snap-mechanisme and fully cellophane cover to prevent sweat marks. This Cardboard will probably last longer than the average cardboard.

Buy 2 and the shipping is free!

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Zaak Dark Shader is a classic Cardboard V1, therefore it does not have the new Google Cardboard v2 conductive button that works with iPhone, which is a shame your iPhone users :-(. The good news is that Zaak is working on a new version which will have bigger lenses and the V2 conductive iPhone compatible button we love.

Compatible iPhone models are: iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, 6 plus and the new 6S plus.

X-mas Edition


The version I received was made especially for Christmas and comes packed as a X-mas gift. I suggest you hang it in your X-mas tree as I did.

Other editions

Beside this X-mas edition, Zaak has a couple of Cardboard models from which you can choose on their website:

  • Standard Cardboard V1 classic, 12,60€
  • Creme Royal Cardboard, a classy white Cardboard v1, 12,60€
  • Creme Royal ++++, a silver screen Cardboard v1 with colored artwork, 10,00€
  • Dark Shader UV-1, a dark stealth UV printed Cardboard v1, 13,60€
  • I Love Cardboard, another Cardboard v1 with print on front, 12,60€

zaak06 zaak05

Software to create VR environments

Zaak.io, a Zürich based Virtual Reality Innovation Company, is not only about Cardboards... actually their core thing is a web-based platform to enable the creation of 360 Panorama's and 3D VR worlds with lots of extra possibilities, like adding light and 3D objects. You can even build in area's to port you to the next environment.
Being an Architectural VR content developer myself this makes me very happy!

Zaak VR EditorThey have an online editor to which makes it easy to create web-based VR panorama's which can be shared by simply handing out a URL or QR code. They also have an Explorer/Gallery to view creations made by others. Open the URL in your browser on your iPhone, put your iPhone in your VR Headset and start the immersive experience.

This is really cool! you have to try this yourself.


Country of origin: Germany

Website: Zaak.io

Price: 12,60€

Don't forget to check out VR Headset Database to see all specs and our VR iOS Game List to see what you can play with this device!

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