Pockeyes VR Cardboard Review

Pockeyes V2 Cardboard VR

A very cheap and portable VR Cardboard

The past few months quite a few portable Cardboard and VR Headsets have been appearing in the Mobile VR landscape.

Homido Mini is already for sale, Figment VR is still in the making but its Kickstarter project has been a big succes, Pocket VR was showed off by Speck products at CES 2016 and Wearlity, a portable headset with a huge field of view, is still in the making.

Pockeyes Google Cardboard

Pockeyes is a relatively unknown Cardboard created by a french company called VRV Prod. It is best described as a budget Cardboard with Google Cardboard v2 37mm lenses and very portable. Just fold it and put it in its plastic envelope. For just 8,5€, about 9,5$, its your.

Pockeyes Virtual Reality Cardboard

But is it any good? well that depends. Its portability, big lenses and price make it a good device to start a VR acquaintance, but it's not very durable. After folding the cardboard a few times you can see it wear off. This is not a device to use often or for longer periods but it works fine, has a good FOV and getting big lenses in a cardboard for such a low price is a good deal. Also it feels like it is made for an iPhone 6 sized smartphone. A downside is you have to put your hands around your phone because it might fall out.... Oh yeah, an in case you did not notice, it does not have a Google Cardboard v2 button or any controlling mechanism whatsoever.

Pockeyes VR Cardboard



I think it is a cheap and nice little gadget to carry around as a spare VR headset for a emergency or to hand out.

Country of origin: France

Website: pockeyes.com

Price: 8,5€

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