Weekly VR Game Update (Week 02-2016)

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

I've been very busy and did not succeed in making an update the last two weeks.

This week I have a nice list of VR Games that came to the AppStore recently. Some of the already hit the AppStore a while ago but skipped my attention. One of these is Romans from Mars 360. A very good game and it is FREE!

Romans from Mars 360 iOS AppStore VR Game

Romans from Mars 360

Merge VR Headset

New Games:

Air Hockey VR, 1,99$/€
Air Hockey VR iOS AppStore

He's coming VR, 0,99$/€
He's coming VR

I Slay Zombies, 2,99€/$
I Slay Zombies VR iOS Game

Racer Xtreme VR Pro, 0,99$/€
Racer Xteme VR Pro

Romans from mars 360, Free
Romans from mars 360 iOS AppStore

Runner VR, free
Runner VR

Shooter Arena VR, 0,99$/€
Shooter Arena VR iOS AppStore

TrapShot VR, free
Trapshot VR iOS Game

Three Little Pigs VR, 1,99$/€
Three Little Pigs VR iOS AppStore Game

Vanishing Point, free
Vanishing Point VR iOS

VR Run to the Z, free
VR Run to the Z

VR Truck Simulator, 1,99$/€
VR Truck Simulator iOS AppStore

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  1. Thank you for updating this regularly. As a iPhone VR gamer it’s nice to have a list of new games that come out.


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