Weekly VR Game Update (Week 04-2016)

Weekly Game Update VR January 2016

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New games are Virtual Reality games are hitting the AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

New Games:

Spirit Board VR, 1,99$/€

Finally a Ouija board VR game for Cardboard VR and compatible headsets!

Motorcycle VR Games, 2,99$/€

Experience real motor racing in amazing 360 view of Virtual Reality.
Now you can speed through the city of Dubai and experience extreme motorbike crashes. You won't believe the experience of flying 50 meters as rag doll while wearing VR glasses.

VR Duck Hunt, free

Use your virtual reality headset to hunt ducks in this FPS game!
Get ready to shoot and hunt ducks and geese in 3D virtual reality, as a duck, geese, and bird FPS hunter on a boat.

GeoBots VR, free

Take turns downing GeoBots with your friends!
GeoBots VR is a virtual reality experience that takes you through a factory swarming with GeoBots!
Your goal is to shoot them down as fast as possible!

VR Roller Coaster, free

Get ready to ride an amazing virtual roller coaster! Experience the real sensation and fear of riding a roller-coaster with your mobile virtual reality headset. This experience boasts a 360 VR FPS field of view, addicting and endless gameplay. No trigger needed - just wait for the ride to being!

Sheriff VR, 2,99$/€

VR Western game where you are feeling yourself like the real Sheriff of the West.

Speedy Courier VR Runner, 0,99$/€

Speedy Courier VR Runner, a new videogame in which you control the fastest flying courier in the galaxy.
In Speedy Courier you must demonstrate all your skills, abilities and reflexes while you dodging buildings along the map at a very high speed.

Stone Age Snap VR, 1,99$/€

Photograph prehistoric creatures on a VR safari! Take a Virtual Reality tour through this prehistoric jungle. Don't get trampled by the Mammoth! Save your best shots of each creature! Keep your eye out for gators, sabertooth lynxes and more!

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