2VR – Virtual Reality Glasses Kickstarter campaign

Stimuli 2VR Virtual Reality

And the next VR Kickstarter Campaign starts... Today!

UPDATE 3 (december 2016): 2VR has been released. Read our hands-on review!

UPDATE 2 (september 2016): New succesful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo.com. 

2VR Headset

UPDATE: This project has been Cancelled!

A company called Stimuli, founded in 2015 by Architectural Designer Roy Peer, launches its Kickstarter campaign to fund their VR product: 2VR, an economical VR headset that fits in your pocket.

If your really fast you can be one of the 50 early birds and get the 2VR for 15$ including shipping costs.

2VR work like normal glasses, just open its wings, click in your phone and put it on.

Stimuli 2VR Kickstarter


Roy told us 2VR will have 35mm lenses and a wide range of smart phone models will fit in the 2VR as it can contain phones with screen sizes from 4,7 inches till 6 inches.
The 35mm plastic lenses will be comparable to the Google Cardboard classic and will probably contain a scratch resistant coating.
Considering the screen sizes it will be compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 6 plus and 6S plus.

The regular price will be 25$


The 2VR will have a stiff competition with comparable VR headsets all arriving soon. The Homido Mini is already available and VR Headsets like the Speck Pocket VR and Figment VR will be for sale soon. Homido Mini is currently selling for 14,99$/€, that's makes it hard to compete with.
The 2 VR has one advantage compared to the other 3 headsets mentioned above: its hands free!

The market is overloaded with new VR Headsets and in the budget price class the competition is gigantic!

Stimuli 2VR Glasses

Launch date

Today: monday, 8 February 2016, 8am EST.

Country of origin: USA

Price: 15$ super early bird

Website: Kickstarter

Stimuli 2VR VR Headset

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