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ClipVR Virtual Reality

It's raining portable VR viewers: ClipVR

It seems like February is the month of portable VR viewer crowdfunding month. After the 2VR, Goblin VR, VR Cups, Speck Pocket VR and the Homido Mini there is yet another portable VR headset trying to populate the landscape of portable budget VR viewers.

ClipVR is very similar to the Homido Mini, which was launched earlier this year and is already for sale in most countries.
This VR viewer features a magnetic two piece design that clips onto your smartphone screen. These simple pieces allow for ease of assembly/ disassembly and pocket storage!

ClipVR Mobile Virtual Reality

The ClipVR will fit on almost all (VR capable) smartphone, will be completely customizable and has a rubberized clip mechanism to protect your smartphone screen from scratches. Its lenses will be bi-focal.

The Team behind the this VR campaign is looking to raise 20.000$ to enable mass product and to refine the design.

Our VR Headset database is containing almost 50 VR headset and Cardboards for Mobile devices. New Virtual Reality headset and viewers are arriving almost on a daily basis. It seems like a gold rush and I am sure not many will exist for more than a few years. This makes the competition very fierce which forces the developers to be creative and lean.


Price: 14$ (early bird)


Country of origin: California, United States

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