RevolVR – Motion control for Virtual Reality


RevolVR a VR Gun and Game Controller Indiegogo campaign coming soon

An affordable VR Gun and controller that aims to bring motion control to the masses. RevolVR is awesome!


Alpha prototype

The team behind RevolVR was very friendly and sent me a wireless proof-of-concept controller to show off their RevolVR's tracking technology for VR applications. They are 3D printed, handmade VR controllers. Despite their basic design, they are fully compatible with a couple of games they provided for testing purposes.

I can tell you I was surprised by the simple but very effective approach. Using a little filter on the phone's back camera and 2 LED bulbs + a little trigger button on the VR Gun enables effective motion control, shooting action and lots of fun!


I tried RevolVR Alpha with a Gear VR and a Samsung S6, because there is no iOS Game yet. Off course there will be iOS support when the indiegogo campaign is on the run.

The first game I played is a mini game called Cocaloca which shows off the accuracy of the VR Gun. The game has a very old and simple principle: shoot the cocacola can before it hits the ground as many times as you can. Never the less thanks to the VR Gun this game is fun and shows that this gun does what it is supposed to: aim and shoot!

RevolVR Cocaloca

The second game I played was a zombie shooter in the Gear VR. This is my kinda game and I really loved playing this. The game itself is not very good but from here on every Zombie shooter in VR must me accompanied by the RevolVR Dominator.


RevolVR proof-of-concept

A product like this one is bound to be a success. It fun with or without a VR headset and it's not expensive at all!

Indiegogo campaign

The RevolVR crowdfunding campaign will be launched the 23rd of February 2016.
In the consumer version, the VR Gun, called the Dominator, will be accompanied by another small handheld controller called the Navigator. Both controllers will have Bluetooth connection.

For approx. 49,99$ you will buy both.

RevolVR Dominator Navigator

The Dominator is a wireless controller which has been made to enhance the Virtual Reality experience and provide complete immersion into a Virtual World. It's ergonomic with high accuracy and lowest latency on the market. This is the perfect controller for Virtual Reality shooting games.

Technical specs: the Dominator will be made of ABS plastic and weight about 120 grams. The software will creduce latency hoping to eliminate it. It will have a minimum of 2 buttons.

The Navigator is also a wireless device which was made to give user ability to navigate inside Virtual Reality worlds and to interact with user interface (menus, game pause options, etc). Using it with DOMINATOR, allows user to play Virtual Reality Games in immersive and intuitive way.

An open source and publicly shared SDK will be released as well to develop software for the RevolVR and for other similar products.

PC Virtual Reality

RevolVR is going to launch a little device called the Spectator.
It is a wired device to use with the RevolVR controllers to provide compatibility for desktop headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and others. It connects via USB to a PC or laptop.
RevolVR Spectator

Country of origin: Dominican Republic

Price: 49,99$ (indiegogo campaign)



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