Weekly VR Game Update (week 08-2016)

Virtual Reality iTunes Game Update

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New games are Virtual Reality games are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes

Aquadrome VR, 4,99

Aquadrome VR iTunesFinals of the extreme motorboat racing championship are in their climax!Five audacious pilots are ready to fight to the end to win in the hardest water track running through picturesque tropical landscapes and ruins of an ancient city ensepulchered in the flood. The breathtaking dynamics of super powerful motorboats, a variety of sudden and hazardous obstacles, stunning graphics and stereo effects will bestow you the inerasable experience in a dizzying race to claim championship.

Luge Crush VR, 1,99

Luge Crush VR iTunesBored to crush the candy? Want some Luge action and feel like an athlete at the Olympic Games? Test your reflexes in Luge Crush! Your goal is to ride a luge and go as far as you can!

Lucky Punch, free

Lucky Punch VR iTunesEnter the virtual world of Mullen Lowe Profero China where money falls from the sky. Find and punch out as many coins as you can.
In this game of non-stop punching action, you play a golden gloved octopus ready to punch above his weight.

3D VR Camera, 2,99

3D VR Camera iOS iTunes

3D Camera is fully unlocked to allow you to take the fastest and easiest way REAL 3D photos on your iPhone. No extra hardware is needed – a powerful 3D camera is already in your pocket.Just point and shoot with your iPhone to instantly capture crisp 3D images. These photos can be viewed using every 3DTV and any virtual reality headset like Cardboard.

VR Horror, free

VR Horror

This virtual reality game requires a mobile VR headset and sound to play. Hold the trigger down to move in the direction you are looking in.

Fantasy City Tours VR, 1,99

Fantasy City Tours VR AppStoreDid you ever wondered to visit any fantasy city in real life or dreams? Do you want to explore & walk inside the fantasy virtual city?
Here comes a special fantasy VR demo treat for you... experience that you are in a fantasy land ... moving around exploring the virtual city ...

Zombie Abomination VR, free

Zombie Abomination VR

Are you a game lover than we have come up with an excellent shooting game for you all. “Zombie Abomination” is the thing for you. An interesting and fun 3D game for every age of people. Basically it is a shooting game where you have to shoot the zombies coming in your path to achieve the objectives of a stage.


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