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Another post about a portable budget VR Headset I hear you thinking... Yes it is. But it is a very different one...

VR Cups are another funny solution to view Virtual Reality content with your smartphone. Just place the two cups on your smartphone and you are ready immerse. Make sure to center them very well though, otherwise you'll see double and get dizzy.

The VR Cups have a kind of gel that sticks to your phone's screen.

VR Cups Virtual Reality

The gel stuff on the base works pretty well, kind of comparable to the jelly lens product, it does attract a bit of lint dust etc, after a bit of use but though can be washed off easily so doesn't really diminish from the product.

The red rubber with the logo gives you a good grip and on one side the cups are flat so you can join both lenses nearer to each other for smaller smartphones like the iPhone 6. Smart idea!
The overall lens quality is very good for a budget VR headset and if your phone is big enough or your fingers thin enough you can still access your phone's screen for touch input. I managed to still be able to use the touch input on my iPhone 6, so on a iPhone 6 plus it must be easy.

VR Cups come packed in a cardboard can along with instructions and a tissue to clean the lenses. The cups are made from reasonably good materials, are very light weighted (50 grams both together) and they seem durable. I think it's a well priced product and clever design.

Like most small portable VR headsets external light leak is a downside, but the 34mm lenses sure do make it a pleasant usable headset. Is this still called a headset? VR Cups...


At the moment of writing, VR Cups are only in the US Amazon Store but they are expected to be available soon in other European Amazon Stores.

Pro's and Con's


  • Portable
  • Unique design
  • Quality
  • Lens size
  • Screen access (touch)


  • no Headstrap
  • external light

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VR Cups Cardboard VR Cups


Compatible with iPhone 6, 6S, 6plus and 6S plus.

Country of origin: Thailand

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