Deepoon VR Headset Hands-on Review

Deepoon VR Headset

A Good Quality Chinese VR Headset

Today I am going to do a hands-on review on a Chinese VR headset from called Deepoon

Let's start by saying that, for the first time, I see a Chinese VR headset with an overall build quality, material usage, lenses and other specs that is comparable to the midpriced American and European VR Headsets. That means a lot! The Chinese VR headset market seems very confusing to us (Europeans and Americans) and sometimes the same VR headset has 5 different brand names, most of them with no official brand website at all and partially defined specs. In the middle of all these headsets there are some good ones. The Deepoon is one of them.

With 35mm lenses which seem very similar to the lenses used in the Merge VR headset you get a clear and great Field of view using your iPhone 6/6s. 96 degrees if we can believe the specs written on the headset. This seems about right.

Deepoon Virtual Reality

Deepoon Chinese VR

This headset works pretty well with my iPhone 6. Other Chinese headset I tried like VR Shinecon and Bobo VR seem to have been design for bigger smartphones and have a very limited FOV using the iPhone 6.
This device gives a great Field of view and thanks to its IPD and lens adjusting possibilities and other specs I consider it as a direct competitor to western mid- and high-priced mobile VR headsets like Freefly VR and Homido VR. For just 35$ you get a very usable and good-looking VR Headset called Deepoon. A bit of a strange name for a VR headset but maybe it makes sense in the Chinese language.

I know I have been quite negative about Chinese VR headsets in the past. This headset shows that the Chinese are enhancing their product quality. Okay, it is more expensive than the headsets I have written about in the past. But I prefer to pay some extra money and have a fun product than buy a useless piece of plastic for +/- 10$.


Deepoon is compatible with both the 6/6s and 6plus/6s plus models. The iPhone 6 fits very well in the headset but I think the iPhone 6 plus will fit even beeter and will achieve a little bit more FOV  .


On the front of the headset there is a clip that will hold your iPhone. You will not have to be afraid it will fall out because of its strong spring and the rubber material on both the headset and the clip will ensure your iPhone wont be scratched. Centering the phone must be done by guessing the centre of the headset. They could have thought about a better way to do this...

Deepoon VR


  • 35mm lenses
  • Adjustable 3-way head-strap
  • Independent IPD adjustable
  • Lens distance adjustable
  • Ventilation foam to prevent fogging lenses
  • Replaceable facial protection

Sure, some finishing details and the design are not quite up to the mid/high priced VR headset models yet but the price is much and much lower. The value for money is excellent. For this price you can buy an I Am Cardboard DSCVR (+shipping costs) or the Deepoon (free shipping costs). I personally would pick the Deepoon for many reasons, you just get a lot more VR headset per buck.

Pro's / Con's


  • Price
  • Lens/IPD adjustable
  • Big lenses
  • Weight


  • No V2 conductive button or screen access
  • No case and tissue

Deepoon VR


Overall this is a really good headset. If I would have to mention a downside on this headset it would have to be the lack of a Google Cardboard V2 conductive button. Actually, there are no buttons or screen access possibilities at all. This is something that does not stop to amaze me. Most VR headsets still do no have a good way to control your iPhone while in the headset. Sending along a cheap iOS unfriendly Bluetooth controller like some VR headset producer do does not solve this problem.

Deepoon Mobile VR Headset

Price: 35$ / 31€


Country of Origin: China

Readers Comments (3)

  1. thanks for the review.
    since it has a lack of a conductive button what would you suggest for a controller for an iPhone?

    • At the moment none unfortunately.
      An controller with MFi support would be best, but most VR games do not support it yet and cheap bluetooth controllers do not work with iOS 9.2 and above…

  2. Hi, Great Review. Does this leans have anti radiation coating on lens to protect eyes?


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