Homido Mini Hands-on Review

Homido Mini VR

A Portable Homido VR device for your Smartphone

Homido, know from it's very succesful VR Headset Homido VR, has released a small portable VR headset you can carry arround in your smallest pocket.

There has been lots of pocket VR devices coming to the market lately, but the Homido Mini is one of the first, best, smallest and cheapest!

With an ingenious and very simple folding mechanism, a simple but nice design and big 30mm lenses the second product french company Homido releases fits in the palm of your hand. I actually always carry one with me now, just in case I want to show off VR to a noob 😉 which happens quite a lot.

Homido Mini Virtual Reality

When folded its size is about 55mm x 66m  x 16,5mm and it weights 20gram.
Like almost all portable VR headsets there is a huge light leak because there is nothing between the phone's screen and the lenses to block light which degrades the VR immersion but it does have an advantage: the screen is accessible making it possible to use the touch input when using Google cardboard Games and Apps.
The lenses fold outwards to look like a pair of eyeglasses with a clip in the center to attach to your phone.

The clip-on system works okay and I do not see the need to worry about scratching you screen. When using it you hold your phone instead of the VR headset itself so there is (almost) no chance of letting you phone fall. Homido Mini will clip to about any smartphone.

Oh, and needless to say: Homido Mini has no head strap so it's not hands-free.


  • Small, portable, foldable
  • Cheap
  • Nice Design
  • Compatible with all VR capable Smartphones
  • Big lenses


  • Shipping costs (in Europe)
  • No cleaning tissue

Homido Mini Google Cardboard

Shipping costs

I ordered my Homido Mini through their official website in Europe for 14,99€ which is a bargain if you ask me.
unfortunately there is a big downsize ordering through this website: the shipping costs. This device is so small it is perfect to send with the regular post in a plastic bubble envelope saving the buyer lots of shipping costs.

Homido refuses to do so and sent the Homido Mini (to the Netherlands) in a 20x20cm (!) cardboard Box and made me pay an extra 9,50€ for an uninsured package shipment. I actually had to search in this big box filled with plastic air cushions to find the headset.
So instead of paying less than 20€ I ended up paying 24,49€ which is about the price you pay for most portable VR headsets. If you are in the US you can order through Amazon and you won't be paying these high shipping costs.

In the Box

Mini comes in a small plastic wrap accompanied by an English and French instruction manual with QR code for Google Cardboard Apps.

Homido Mini Mobile

Country of Origin: France

Website: Homido.com

Order on Amazon: Homido Mini Amazon

Price: 14,99€ / 14,99$

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