iOS VR Game Controllers. Do they exist?

VR Game Controller

Wow, a VR headset. Insert your iPhone and off you go, immersed into the another world. Virtual Reality has arrived!

You can start a stereoscopic 3D movie or a rollercoaster App, but most people want to play VR games. Real gamers want to play a FPS or Race game right away, but oh wait, the phone is in the headset and the touchscreen can't accessed to control the game. fail!

Google Cardboard button

Google came up with a brilliant solution back in 2014. The Google Cardboard, a cheap Cardboard VR headset with a magnetic button to control Apps. iPhone user were rulled out because the magnetic (v1) cardboard button only worked on smartphones with an Android OS. Fortunately, in 2015, Google came with the Cardboard V2 which has a conductive button that works on iOS devices like the iPhone.

Im Cardboard

After that, hundreds of iOS AppStore VR Games were created using the Cardboard SDK which made it possible to use the conductive button introducing a new way to control VR Games. By than lots of people had already bought (and still buy) Cardboards and VR Headsets that do not have a conductive button. Even if you have a conductive button, it's just 1 button. Not quite enough to play that killer FPS or to use as a steering wheel in race games. 🙁

So 1 button is much better than none. But it still doesn't satisfy most hardcore gamers.

Bluetooth controllers

Some mobile VR Headsets companies sell cheap Bluetooth controllers (glider) but this has very limited functionality on Apple iOS devices. In fact, after iOS 9.2 was released, these Blue tooth controllers were no longer supported and do not work with iOS 9.2 and above. So this is clearly a dead end.

VR controller

VR Games

Most VR Games need only one button or none at all. Game developers are exploring new ways of controlling games without using your hands. Looking at a certain location on the screen for a short time to activate something or auto-walk and auto-shoot are some of the more common ways to control iOS VR Games. Most car and motorcycle race games let you steer by tilting your head. Personally I hate that. It kinda kills the VR experience.

Here are some examples of fun games that found a good way to deal with this new reality:

InCell VR iOS Game

Here's our whole VR Gaming list and our Top 5 Gaming list.

Remoria VR iOS Game Controller

Remoria VR iOS Controller

Remoria is developing a game controller especially for Virtual Reality gaming. It is not available yet, but you can check it out at RemoriaVR

If you are a iOS Game Developer download the SDK and subscribe to make a chance to get a FREE Remoria VR Controller.

VR Controller Crowfundings

Entrepeneurs like the awesome but not very succesful crowdfunding campaign RevolVR are creating VR controllers for first person shooting games. Other crowdfunding campaigns offer VR gloves, suites or big machines like Virtuix Omni. These are nice niche gadgets if you want to spend lots of cash and have the space (and an oculus rift), but most gamers are not willing to pay more than 60 bucks for a controller and refuse to pay more for a game controller than they did for the VR headset. It does just not feel right.

RevolVR Dominator Navigator

VR Headsets with integrated controls

Cmoar, a crowdfunded project which intends to create a VR headset with integrated sensors and buttons like the Gear VR - but iOS friendly, will possibly enlighten your existence in the near future. But we have not seen real life proof yet and VR crowdfundings projects have not always been a reliable way of being an early adopter.


Pinc VR, another successfully funded VR headset also promises to have found a good solution to control your VR games. Read our review.

Pinc VR Headset

Mainstream iOS VR Game Controllers

Where is the mainstream VR Game controller for your iPhone??

Well, lets start by saying: there is NO pure Apple supported VR Game controller (yet). There are good game controllers for iOS devices. Apple has an especial API (programming library) for game developers and game controller manufacturers to create 100% Apple compatible Game controllers and games. It's called MFi. If you want a good iOS compatible game controller, always go for the MFi supported controllers.

Very good iOS Game controllers are the Steelseries Stratus and Steelseries Nimbus. Fully Apple iPhone compatible. The're for sale in AppleStore.

Don't get your hopes up though, the Google Cardboard SDK (Software Development Kit) does not have MFi support integrated in the code. Why should it, it's a free Google development kit and was created for Android. Later an iOS version was launched but special Apple iOS functionality like MFi and Metal layer support has not been added and is not likely to be added to an SDK which was developed by Apple's largest mobile operating system competitor.

There are a few games in the AppStore that have MFi controller support:

Thanks for the tip Carsten Hemso!

So what are your choices?

At the moment... Accept your faith as a iPhone user - Virtual Reality enthusiast and go with the least worst option: VR Headsets or Cardboards with a conductive button (v2). Lot's of fun! But I hope the future offers more than that...

Here are some possibilities:

Lets hope Apple launches a killer VR headset with a brilliant way of controller your favorite game.

Any better idea??! Please comment on this post and help other iOS VR enthusiast.

Readers Comments (4)

  1. Carsten Hemso 30/04/2016 @ 12:44

    There are a few good vr games out there that work fine with an Mfi controller. Like Occupation, Fractal Combat X and House of terror. Although the last one has a problem of dropping part of the control functions after a cutscene. So developers can make games compatible with Mfi as it seems. I’ve emailed several developers telling them they could reach a larger public by doing so, but it looks like the aren’t interested to do so. It’s up to the developers to make it happen and it will help the VR experience grow. I’m still waiting on games by the likes of Asphalt 8 or Modern Combat 5 to be made as a VR game for mobile. That would really rock the mobile VR game world. Wonder how long it will take for that to happen.

  2. There is a controller specifically designed for Mobile VR that runs on iOS natively. The name is LIGNUM Controller, produced by Remoria VR. The problem, as Carsten mentioned, is that developers need to take action in designing apps compatible with more powerful controllers. The VR experience would highly benefit from it becoming more immersive “at the hands level”. I believe it’s a step they will have to make eventually once the tech gets mainstream.
    Source: I run the company that produces it.

  3. Joe Strout 20/04/2018 @ 15:59

    I’m developing an AR game now supports MFi controllers (mine is the Steelseries Nimbus, though any should do). I fully agree that this is key to making a great VR experience — even if you have a button on your headset, it’s tiring to hold your hands up by your face for long periods. My game is an archery game inspired by (but better than!) Valve’s Longbow game — please watch for it!


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