Weekly VR Game Update (Week 16-2016)

Best Virtual Reality Games

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New Virtual Reality games are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

Walking Death Zombies, 1,99

VR Walking Death Zombies

Walking Death Zombie - Shootout Evil Zombies in DeadLand is a 3D FPS shooting game with full of Thrill and Action. Welcome to Evil’s and Zombie’s World where the only rule is that eat human warm flesh. You are deployed on Zombies Frontier.

ZorBowling VR. free

ZorBowling VR iOS

Immerse yourself in the ZorBowling competition. Complete with the recognized champions in this kind of animal sports. Improve your skills in severals picturesque locations over six tournaments. Requires VR headset FIBRUM and IOS gamepad.

Infinity Maze VR, free

Infinity Maze VR

You are in a maze that changes over time. Explore the maze to find the lollipops! When you touch the screen, you will move forward in the direction you look.

Hungry VR Jungle Series, 0,99

Hungry VR Jungle Series

Hungry VR Jungle Series is a game for Virtual Reality. This is the second game of the Hungry AR series. The game consists in experience the jungle life, to get points you need to get close to the trees , watch the bananas to make them fall and try to pick them up.

VR Horror House, free

VR Horror House iOS

VR Horror House is a VR game with both frightening atmosphere and astonishing graphics. -Experience the real frightening press by the chasing of the terrifying cannibals -Searching for the only survival exit and run away from the cannibals simultaneously.

VR City Racer for Cardboard Virtual Reality, 0,99

VR City Racer for Cardboard Virtual Reality

Press the Cardboard Trigger or look "START" button to start the game! Look left or right arrows to change car. Tilt your head in the direction that you want to move the car and collect all coins! There are six different cars, select and enjoy all of them.

Virtual Reality Sniper for Google Cardboard, free

Virtual Reality Sniper for Google Cardboard

This game is for Google Cardboard and other 3D mobile virtual reality headsets. Use your virtual reality headset to start killing virtual people in this VR sniper simulator. This experience boasts a 360 VR FPS field of view, addicting and endless gameplay.

Darkness and Zombies VR, 0,99

Darkness and Zombies VR

Darkness & Zombies - Virtual Reality A fully-immersive 3D world you’ll never see, with dynamically changing directional binaural sound. Put on your headphones, close your eyes, and explore the darkness. Get ready to fight for your life.

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  1. Hi!
    We have just released the very first VR mobile application for aviation enthusiasts. It is called Mentour 360
    And is availible on the Apple AppStore and Android App Store right now.
    Would you mind having a look at it and maybe featuring it if you like it?
    Thank you for your time!


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