BoboVR Z4 aka Virtoba X5 hands-on Review

Virtoba X5 VR BoboVR Z4

VR Headset with built-in headphones

Today I tried the popular BoboVR Z4, a Chinese Virtual Reality headset for smartphones with a screen size ranging from 4 to 6 inches.
The Z4 is the fourth headset Xiaozhai brings to the market and the headsets really seem to improve a lot with each new version. In the past I reviewed BoboVR Z3 and I can tell you: the Z4 is a bit more expensive but better in every thinkable way.

Something strange happened today. I did not only receive the BoboVR Z4, I received two packages. Both the same size. When I opened them I was very surprised to see two almost identical Boxes with different brand names: BoboVR Z4 and Virtoba X5 VR.
Virtoba VR Headset

After opening both the boxes I realised these are two rebrands of exactly the same VR Headset. The headsets are identical in every feature, color, material and quality. The only difference is the brand logo residing on the head-strap shell and the front hatch.

That's way this hands-on review is a two in one review.

Now let's analyse the most important parts of this headset(s):


XiaoZhai BoboVR Z4 / Virtoba X5 comes with good quality 35mm PMMA lenses that have a clear and sharp view through the whole lens. This is very important. The lens quality is one of the key features to make or break the immersive experience a VR Headset going to achieve.

The lenses are adjustable in distance (diopter adjustment) and the Interpuppilar disctance (IPD) is also adjustable. The diopter adjustment goes from 0°to 800° myopia and 0°to 400°hyperopia so in most cases there is no need to wear glasses when using this headset. If you still need glasses choose another headset because they wont fit in this one...

BoboVR Z4

Integrated Audio

One of the features that makes BoboVR Z4 / Virtoba X5 quite unique is the built-in headphone. A bit like the Oculus Rift. A headphone jack connects to your phone's headphone jack and the audio goes through the headsets headphones. On the headset there is a little volume button to adjust volume without having to remove the headset. This works fine when using an iPhone.

The audio quality is reasonably good but the headphones should be closer to your ears your ears. It's not high-end audio but for less than 50$ one can not except that. If you do not want to use the built-in headphone feature the headset offers access to your smart phones headphone jack so you can use your own headphones or just use the smartphones speaker (not recommended).

BoboVR Z4 / Virtoba X5 also has a button. unfortunately not a V2 compatible button but it is a useful button. The button enables you to pause/play SBS videos and enables you to answer a phone call while using the headset.

BoboVR Z4 Built-in headphonesBoboVR Z4 Built-in audio


Although Bobo VR Z4 / Virtoba X5 weights a 415 grams it does not feel heavy att all. It has a 3-way adjustable head-strap and, like the Gear VR, a special shell filled with foam to distribute the weight of the headset. The shell also offers some extra comfort.

Virtoba X5 VR

The face padding is made of regular foam and in between the foam and the headset there are ventilation holes. The front cover also has ventilation holes. The headset is well ventilated and wont fog up to easily.

BoboVR Z4

The front hatch can be opened by pushing the button on top of the headset. It has a mini hatch inside to secure your phone along with the soft materials on the inside assuring that it wont move during usage and it wont scratch your screen. The hatch opens only about 35 degrees to prevent your mobile phone suddenly falls out. The hatch does seem a bit fragile.


The downside of the headset: Field of View. This headset promises an astonishing 120 degrees of FOV. The truth is that this does not depend solely on the headset. It depends on the headset, the lenses, the eyes/lenses/phone distance and least but certainly not last: the size of your smartphones screen.

When using a regular iPhone 6 the FOV is a lot lower than many other VR headsets. This headset is more suitable to use with bigger phones like the iPhone 6(s) plus.


This VR headset comes in a big and simple designed box containing the headset itself, an elaborated chinese + english instruction manual and a green microfiber cleaning cloth.

Dimensions and weight of the box:
Size: 14 x 24 x 23 cm
Weight: 760 grams

When receiving the headset I did not need to pay any import taxes.

Other specs

  • Half transparent cover - AR capable

BoboVR Z4

Pro's and Con's


  • Price
  • Adjustable and good quality PMMA biconvex Lenses
  • Integrated headphones
  • Headstrap with shell for better head stress distribution


  • Small FOV  when using a iPhone 6 and other smaller smart phones
  • No V2 compatible button
  • Headphones are not pressed against ears, losing audio quality


The Bobovr Z4 / Virtoba X5 has a few con's but overall it is a great Virtual Reality headset for your mobile phone and it's value for money is excellent!... especially if you have and iPhone 6(s) plus.

Country of origin: China

Virtoba X5 Price: 22,99$ on (version without audio headset)

BoboVR Z4 Price: 32,99$ on

Readers Comments (5)

  1. Hi Guys,
    Would you recommend on this boboVR headset if I have an iPhone 6 device?

    Also what are the differences between the virtoba x5 and the vitoba x5 elite except that the elite wont come with builtin headphones?

    Cause there is great deal here:

    There is also coupon that make it 23$..
    But would you recommend on this elite model?
    Also if my ios version is 9.0.1 will the bluetotth controller will work with my iPhone?

    There is discussion here about it but I cant figure it out what is better…

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Yvonne Gandara-Belsky 26/01/2017 @ 16:40

      Not working with iPhone. Phone seems too thin, and touch screen button either doesn’t reach or is touching all the time. I really can’t tell. Either way, very disappointed with this so called great product

  2. Hello, I’d like to report that the price dropped to $25 at Geekbuying. It’s super cheap considering it has built-in headphones.

  3. It is also being sold online here

    This is an awesome vr headset

  4. Great article …Thanks for your great information, the contents are quiet interesting. I will be waiting for your next post.


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