Daydream VR = Google 2 – 0 Apple

daydream google virtual reality

Google I/O 2016 presented next-gen mobile VR called Daydream

A while ago I posted an article about how smart phones need to change in order to face a new reality. Virtual Reality.
I also wrote about the lack of controllers for mobile VR Apps.

I was/am hoping Apple launches an iPhone that is VR capable. iPhone 7 may be that phone. But rumours are not pointing in that direction.

But guess what: Google just announced Daydream. A VR platform, smart phone solution and VR App environment that will enable quality Virtual Reality experiences on a lot of high-end Android mobile phones. They also showed a VR headset and VR controller reference to complete the immersive experience .


After Google Cardboard Google is taking the next step towards full-blown mobile phone VR immersion. Google took the first step (Google Cardboard), Samsung took the second (Gear VR with Oculus team) and Google strikes with yet another technical innovation. I hate to say this but Apple is getting far behind...

Google congratulations. Apple please don't let us iPhone users suffer anymore!


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