DSCVR Hands-on Review

I Am Cardboard DSCVR

A Google Cardboard V2 upgrade?

I Am Cardboard, one of the first companies to manufacture Google approved cardboards and also one of the best. I Am Cardboard V2 is a good quality premium cardboard that found its way to thousands of homes worldwide.

After producing and selling the regular Google Cardboard models the company started designing and manufacturing other types of headsets like EVA and XinGear VR. Xingear VR was a Oculus Rift DK2 look-a-like kickstarter that was succelfully funded through an crowdfunding campaign. Aftereards, the project wasn't very succesful as bad reviews dominated on Amazon. XG VR is not for sale anymore on the founders website.

Their latest creation: DSCVR, a plastic version of the popular Cardboard V2 with all advantages of the cardboard v2, no head-strap and 10$ more expensive than its Cardboard brother.

imcardboard dscvr

DSCVR inherited the big 35mm lenses and the V2 conductive button from it's most recent cardboard brother. The design and folding mechanism are new and unique.
Two button on both sides of the device will expand the headset turning it into a functional cardboard. The stretchable rubber on the front works as a hatch to hold your iPhone.

I am cardboard

The V2 conductive button works a lot better than any cardboard vr device I ever tried. It's fast. This button forms a big advantage to other VR headsets. My personal opinion is every headset should have this button until there is a better solution on the market. Which there is not at the moment... for iOS.


DSCVR is reasonably portable. It comes with a classy, iPod Touch like, casing which will fit in any bag and is very light weight.

imcardboard-dscvr-02 imcardboard-dscvr-03 imcardboard-dscvr-04 imcardboard-dscvr-05


Aside from the V2 button this headset/Cardboard is very basic: it has no lens adjustability what so ever. The lack of IPD and diopter adjustment will exclude users that wear glasses or have an unusual distance between their eyes.

The FOV (Field of View) is limited. It's not great. The lenses are good quality and give a clear view though. This headset can be used for longer periods without causing headache or nausea (depending on your own sensitivity off course). It weights 128 grams and is therefore one of the lightest headsets on the market.


To adjust your smartphone to the device when using Google Cardboard compatible Apps/Games use the QR code on the side of the device. Handy! No searching on the web or instruction manuals.

DSCVR is available in 6 different colors: GreenBlueRedYellowBlack and Orange


DSCVR is compatible with iPhone models 5, 5s, 5c, 5se, 6, 6s, 6plus and 6s plus. I found it works best with a regular iPhone6(s).

Pro's and Con's


  • Very good V2 conductive button
  • Quality 35mm bi-convex lenses
  • Official "Works with Google Cardboard" Approved


  • Small Field of View
  • No head straps
  • No IPD adjustment and diopter adjustment


I tried playing FastHit VR 2.1, the new Google Cardboard compatible version of this game. It's a match. The fast paced manual trigger mode the game offers works perfect with this headset. Light weight, a clear view and a fast v2 button make FastHit VR combined with the DSCVR a amusing experience!

FastHit VR iOS Game


Price: 29,99$

Also available on Amazon: Blue, Black, Green, Red, Orange and Yellow

Country of origin: United States

Official Website: Imcardboard.com


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