Full body tracking system for iOS

Vico VR launched its long-awaited Crowdfunding campaign

We've been awaiting the VicoVR campaign for a long time and now finally it's here!

The 3D gaming system promises to enable positional & full body tracking with Wireless 3D Motion Sensing for mobile VR, including iOS!.


VicoVR will come complete as a stand-alone 3D Gaming System or as an add-on Bluetooth Accessory for your existing VR Headsets and Gaming Platforms.


Combining the full body tracking VicoVR offers with your existing iPhone VR head-tracking will put you right in the game with nearly al the motion control you have in the real world. Vico uses 19 body joints to track your movement and supports up to two players simultaneously to allow multi player gaming.

Aside from being compatible with VR capable smart phones, the team behind this gaming system states that VicoVR will be compatible to Apple TV and smart TV's so you can also use it on your TV. Its range will be about 0.5 to 4.5 meters.

The team pulls all modern VR terms out of the closet, like accurate, responsive, low latency (about 20ms), wireless hand control, positional control and collision warning. Almost to good to be true you would think. It's a mobile iOS and Android Virtual Reality compatible Kinect. Vico VR requires no processing power from your iPhone because the device has embedded processing capability, unlike the Microsoft Kinect.


You can pre-order the VR Sensor separately for 174$ (early bird) or order the whole gaming bundle that contains a VR headset for you mobile phone, a wireless controller and the VR Sensor for 219$. If you already have a VR Headset you can buy the VR sensor and the controller (35$) separately.

The Crowdfunding campaign is very succesful and already achieved more than 50% of its 75.000$ goal with 24 days to go.

If the estimated shipping date is achieved, Vico VR will be delivered at the end of this year and so will a bunch of compatible games for iOS:

  • Archery Range 3D
  • Voice of Steel VR
  • Moon Bird VR
  • Ping Pong VR
  • Zombies Hunt VR

Some of them are already available for Android.



Price: 174$ (Vico sensor on indiegogo)

Crowdfunding : Indiegogo campaign

Everybody should be aware that joining a crowdfunding campaign is not the same as buying a product in a (online) store. Crowdfunding campaigns have a bigger risk of losing your investments. A product may never delivered or not fulfill the promised features.

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