Weekly VR Game Update (week 18-2016)

Virtual Reality Games iOS

Welcome to our weekly iOS VR Game update

New Virtual Reality games for your mobile phone are hitting the iTunes AppStore every day.
This is the perfect place to keep up to date!

Russian VR Headset Manufacturer and VR Game developer Fibrum launched 3 new VR Experiences this week. Be sure to check them out!

New VR iOS AppStore Games on iTunes:

Curveball VR - free

Curve Ball VR Game

CurveBall VR is an arcade style, pong-like 3D game which is best played with a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard. Earn points by getting the ball past your opponent, having long volleys, and spinning the ball as much as you can. With each point, your level bar fills up.

VR-City Metro Bus Simulation Pro - 0,99

vr-city metro bus simulation

let's ready for a city metro vr bus with ocular navigation to get an extreme fun of driving. Get ready for a new VR driving game. A new free city metro vr bus is waiting for simulation lovers.

VR Horse Riding Simulator - 2,99

vr horse riding simulator

Horse Riding in Virtual Reality!

ZombieKiller-VR - 0,99

Zombie Killer VR Game

Awesome Virtual Reality Experience With the Amazing Game Zombie Killer. It's Simple Game but you feel Real Zombies are coming to You. Kill Them All....

VR Sound Shooter - free

vr sound shooter

VR Sound Shooter is the shooter game that VR featured, using side-by-side VR glass (most kind of made from cardboard).

Virtual Reality Headset Fibrum

Mystical Island VR - free

Mystical Island VR Fibrum

The new virtual reality attraction by Fibrum! Extreme roller coaster. Put your VR headset and dive into trip on roller coaster. Look for amazing suprises the island hides. Unbelievable trip on abondoned railway in mystical island is waiting for you. Find it's secrets above and under ground.

Star Hammer VR - free

Star Hammer VR Fibrum

A software virus launched into the planetary defense system endangers the safety of an orbital megalopolis. Combat robots are out of control and striving to annihilate all the living.

Sky Runners VR - free

Sky Runner VR Fibrum

Welcome to the contest of most reckless pilots in the galaxy! Super powerful starships are ready to travel the most incredible route laid in outer space and on the surface of an exotic planet. Take a seat in the cockpit of one of those and join the sore struggle to claim your championship!

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  1. Hi!
    We are a small upstart VR company called Mentour 360 SC.
    We recently released our first mobile VR app to the appstores.
    It is called Mentour 360 and it is primarely aimed at aviation enthusiasts but it is REALLY cool for anyone who is interested in whats going on inside the cockpit.
    We would love if you would have a look at the app and give it a review. We can provide a free voucher for you if you are willing to test it.
    Thank you for your time,


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