Fibrum Nippers hands-on Review

Fibrum Nippers VR Cardboard

A Homido Mini Competitor

Fibrum Nippers is relatively unknown.

A Russian company called Fibrum is a well-known brand in the iOS AppStore. They develop high quality VR Games and we're among the first launching Virtual Reality games into the AppStore. You might also known them from the Fibrum VR headset. Fibrum Nippers is its little brother.

A portable VR Headset for on the go.

The portable VR market is crowded, with the Homido Mini taking the lead and a lot of crowd funding projects still in the making.
Recently Chinese companies have started selling small portable headsets as well. So this is a difficult segment in the mobile VR market.

Fibrum Nippers is a good quality headset all around. Its foldable like regular glasses and made of good quality plastic and good quality lenses.

On the first look I suspected that my iPhone could fall out when using Nippers, but that's not the case because in order to use this device its better to hold the iPhone instead of the headset itself. This has two advantages: One being that the smartphone will never fall out and the other that you can access your touch screen making this device compatible with Google Cardboard V2 compatible VR Games like EndSpace and FastHit VR. The Google Cardboard V2 button is the most applied method to control VR Games aside from the "look at it" games in which you control games by focussing at objects.

Fibrum Nippers Virtual Reality


This is where the Nippers stands out. This VR headset has 30mm lenses that offer a clear view of the screen much like the Homido Mini. This headset is Homido Mini's direct competitor. Its portable, good quality, has a nice design and is affordable. There a two big differences though. These two differences will probably be the main reasons to decide which headset you should buy:

  1. Portability: The Homido Mini is easier to take with you as it folds the lenses together, making it suitable to carry in any of your pockets. The Fibrum nippers is like a pair of sunglasses. You will probably carry them in a bag or maybe in your front pocket. Certainly not in the pockets of your pants.
  2. Interpuppilar Distance (IPD): The lenses on the Fibrum Nippers are independently adjustable in eye-to-eye distance. Nippers has it, Homido Mini does not. So if you have devious IPD or you suspect your IPD is not the typical 54–68 mm go for the Nippers.

Fibrum Nippers VR Googles

Fibrum Nipper VR

Fibrum Nippers weight approximately 25 grams which is a few grams more than the Homido Mini, but that should be barely noticeable.


Fibrum Nippers is compatible with a lot of smart phones thanks to its universal phone attachment mechanism and the adjustable IPD of the lenses.

It even works on an iPhone 5(s) and iPhone SE (depending on your IPD). If you have a very large IPD you won't be able to focus on the small screen.
Not many headsets are compatible with iPhones that has a screen size smaller than 4,7 inches nowadays. Like the Homido Mini, you can use an 4 inch iPhone to play your favorite VR Games and watch VR/360 degrees movies. The FOV will be much lower off course...

Fibrum Nippers Packadge


Nippers comes packaged in a simple but well designed cardboard box containing a prescription glasses like case, an instruction manual (written in Russian) with discount codes for other Fibrum headsets, a good-looking Fibrum branded cleaning tissue and the headset itself. Paying with your PayPal account is an option. Its easier than transferring money through your local bank.

Fibrum Nippers Unboxing

The black case is made from good materials and will keep you headset safe when not in use.

Case dimensions: 14cm x 8cm x 3,5cm

Fibrum Bippers box

Fibrum Nippers case

Fibrum Nippers in not yet available in US and EU stores, so if you want one you will have to order it directly from Fibrum. They do send to the United States and Europe but the shipping costs are a bit high when comparing it to the price of the headset itself.


Like some other VR Headsets on the market, Fibrum Nippers seems to be a rebranded. I am not sure if this is really the case. But if it is, this headset also goes by the name of the American Goggle Tech C1 glass and looks very similar to the Australian Storm Mini VR.

Detail: The logo on top of the case and on the side of the headset indicate that the Nippers is indeed a rebranded Goggle Tech C1 Glass, carrying the same logo.

Pro's and Con's

Overall this is a great VR Headset. Good quality, portable, V2 button compatible and affordable.


  • Adjustable IPD
  • Lens quality
  • Screen access
  • Overall quality
  • 4 inch iPhones compatible


  • Less portable than the Homido Mini
  • Not yet available in US and EU online stores
  • Instructions only in Russian

Country: Russia

Price: 29$


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